Announcing node-hill + Event

node-hill logo, designed by spacebuilder.

Hey all, Dragonian here with some exciting news regarding the development of node-hill. My previous blog post about node-hill was written long ago, and can be found here.

Turns out, a lot has changed in that time span and that post is now extremely obsolete. In fact, node-hill now not only supports players, but has a fully documented scripting API - allowing you to write completely server sided scripts that perform efficiently, securely, and fast. It's also completely open-source.

Due to the rapid growth and progression surrounding node-hill, I want to do something special with it - and that's where the event part comes in.

For the next week (Until October 3rd), users will be challenged to create and host a unique game with node-hill! To clarify, the game doesn't have to be extremely complex, but should feature scripting, and game play elements. Something that really shows off what you can do with node-hill. You are allowed, and encouraged to work as a team.

EDIT: The event has been extended until October 10th.

EDIT #2: Submission time has been extended for one more day, it will end on October 11th, 10 PM tomorrow.

This is not a competition, there will be multiple winners, and you can feel free to help anyone if you like.

In order to participate in the event and submit your entry, you will need to join the official node-hill discord here:

The discord features instructions on how to install and setup node-hill, contains links to the official documentation, and a helpful community that can help you with whatever questions you may have.

Place submissions should be posted in the #event-submissions channel.

Winners of the event will be receiving the new exclusive item: captainHat.js.