Crack through Reality in Egg Hunt 2023!

A post commencing the long awaited Egg Hunt 2023 event, starting July 7th through July 24th.

Crack through Reality in Egg Hunt 2023!

This Event Has Ended

Hello! This blog post remains up as an archive of Brick Hill history, however the Egg Hunt 2023 event has now ended!

Hello Eggents, after the very long wait the Egg Hunt 2023 event has finally broken through into your reality! Work together to collect over 43 different items in this event!

The Eggency is looking to put a stop to the Aftermath once and for all, after the battle with Count Sponkbaber his power has successfully been shattered but the result is a world of chaotic combinations! To help you through the four worlds of this event the Eggency has equiped you with their finest Eggent's Reality Gadget to help you figure out progress in worlds! You can also check out our event page for a more detailed look as well as an interactive checklist so you can cross off progress in all worlds!

It's time to get cracking Eggent, your final mission might just be ahead! Details for each world are listed below for you to get a feel for the adventure ahead!

The Crossworlds

The Aftermath has hit the surface the strongest!

The Aftermath has hit the surface the strongest! Explore four completely different areas meshed into the craziness of The Crossworlds! Take a tour to the bustling New Yolk City, take a trip down memory lane in Memory Valley, adventure through the Overgrowth, or take a chance against the times in the Eggyptian Tropics. The world has up to 11 items to obtain, so you'll need to be on the lookout!

This world features a day and night cycle, some objectives will only be available during certain parts of the day, so be strategic!

Pacifegg Ocean

Beneath the islands lay lots of treasure, would will you find?

Take a relaxing vacation on the Omelette Islands and take a splash to the Ocean Floor! While down there make sure to stay wary of the volcanic Eggstreme Mantle, don't explore too deep into The Abyss, and take a shot at luck in the Casino Royale! The world has up to 11 items to obtain, so make sure to check between the ridges!

This world features oxygen, make sure you're getting enough to go around when below the surface or you may just drown!

Sweet Future

The Aftermath has brought you to the Eggency's hideout location itself!

In the process of this transfer it has made quite a strange mirror effect! Trek the unknown of Planet of Mars, float to The Eggency Spacestation, explore the sweet Eggsquisite Oasis, and get something fun to eat at Charlie's Creamery! The world has up to 11 items to obtain, so don't wait to get into the unknown!

This world features teleports, many areas are not what they seem, so make sure to go exploring!


Something's not right!

On top of all the worlds we've opened, it appears the Aftermath even has invaded the website! Head over to obtain 4 different eggs, with a fifth coming soon!

Ready for shooting!

Additionally, this egg hunt features the two Admin Egg of Royalty and Contributor egg of Royalty items that both staff of Brick Hill and event contributors will respectively be giving out! Make sure to combine them once you recieve both to make the perfect royal oval!

That's all for now! Make sure to check out our event page for an interactive tracker of all your egg progress as well as any additional news that'll be heading your way!

Get going Eggent, there's not much time!