Brick Hill Album Art Mini-Contest

A short blog post detailing a new contest for vinyl album art creations related to Brick Hill, available from April 23rd to April 29th.

Brick Hill Album Art Mini-Contest

The winner of the contest is LimesBird with their epic Brick Beats album! Featuring ten different Brick Hill themed tracks all of different genres to choose from! Purchase your own copy here!

This contest has ended

For archival purposes, the original post is available below

Hello Brick Hill Users,

As Brick Hill begins to make lots of new and exciting events and items, we're looking to get the community more involved in spreading ideas and contributions throughout the avatar store!

To begin this, we're holding a small contest regarding a new item to soon release, have you ever listened to, collected, or seen vinyls? Brick Hill is looking to release one into the avatar store in the form of a tool and needs your help!

The Vinyl is missing a cool album cover to go along with it, that's where you step in. We're calling all artists of Brick Hill to make a brick hill themed album cover design to put onto this new item releasing this upcoming weekend! Are you in?

How do I get started?

To get started, simply begin designing an album cover of your own. You'll first need to think of a catchy name, as well as some Brick Hill styled artwork to be paired along with the album!

As you're making your submission, keep in mind these rules:

  • Art may not be AI generated
  • Art must be related to Brick Hill
  • You may only submit one art piece
  • You may not work in teams
  • Art may not be stolen, it must be yours.

You'll have the freedom to make a front, back, and disk art for your album art submission. We ask that you please use the template below when submitting to make things easier for us to review all submissions!

(Click on the image for the full resolution template)

It will also allow you to preview your album on the item itself with the tool below!

How do I submit?

Once you've made a design with the template, plug it in below to see how it'll look on the actual item once released! Once you try it out, the option to submit will be displayed and you're all set!

Invalid file used, ratio must be 2.5:1 and be an image file.

Here's a front and back preview of how your album art would look on the actual item!


Happy with how your art turned out? It's time to submit! Follow all instructions below INCLUDING messaging the official contest account when prompted.

Step 1: Upload your art to imgur or another image hosting service

Upload your image to an online hosting service so it can be seen!

We suggest using imgur, however you may also use any other service. Once you have uploaded the image please provide the URL to access it below.

Invalid url used!

Step 2: Send your art to us!

Send a message to our contest account to submit!

Once you've uploaded to an image hosting service, you're ready to submit! Hit the button below to open up a message to our contest account.

Make sure to put your image link, test in the message and title your message the name of your album. or else WE WILL NOT SEE IT!

Submissions have closed!

No new submissions are being considered!

What do we get?

The winner of the contest will receive the first serial of the item, their art work on the item, credits in the description, as well as 1,000!

That's all for now, we can't wait to see the album covers you come up with, thank you to everyone who participates and we hope to hold bigger and better contests soon as the summer season rolls around, once some... egg related missions have been cracked by you in an upcoming adventure!

Thank you for reading, Maxed1