Brick Hill is Hiring!

A short blog post announcing you can now apply directly to the Brick Hill Staff Team through a temporary method.

Brick Hill is Hiring!

Hello Brick Hill Users,

As Brick Hill is bringing people from all over the world together to create, collaborate, design, trade, and play. We're constantly working to expand our team in order to provide users with the best experience possible and are always looking for new ideas and support in order to achieve these goals!

This blog post is just to let you know that while we wait for the Application Center to officially be added to the website, we have gone ahead and published an external process that users can apply into to be hired onto our staff team!

Why work at Brick Hill?

A Growing Platform

Brick Hill is an active up-and-coming platform fueled by both it's community as well as the team behind it. As you work for our platform you will be able be apart of the change coming to the platform as we grow our audience and content available to users!

Improve your Skills

Brick Hill is a great place for you to improve your skills! Whether it be working collaboratively for real work experience, community interaction, working on your content crafts, and other means in helping us build the platform!

Build Our Community

Brick Hill is bringing people together to create, collaborate, and play. You can help be apart of this process on our team! You will get to be apart of an expanding community and leave a true mark on the platform's future in our goals!

Interested in Applying?

We are currently looking to hire any moderators, content creators, and support team. If these are positions you're interested please click the button below to fill out our external google form application!

Keep in mind, to succesfully finish the application process, you:

  • Must be atleast 16 or older
  • Have not been moderated in the last two weeks.
  • Have not sent an application in the last two weeks.
  • Have a valid Discord account, that is linked via Discord server
  • Have 2FA enabled on your Brick Hill Account.
  • Have been signed up for more than a week.
  • Complete all information in the application accurately.

That's all for now, we are excited to see what new faces get brought on the team to help us continue to grow the platform and are excited for the opportunities this will bring! Stay tuned, there is lots to be announced soon!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1