Reducing Services

A blog post discussing the legal battles Brick Hill faces internally and as a result a removal of current employees and content-oriented services of the Mooshimity company.

Reducing Services

Hello Brick Hill,

For the last nine months, Brick Hill has been struggling in a legal process to fully move both the Brick Hill property as well as it's parent company Mooshimity away from the legal owner of it, spacebuilder. When originally freed from his detainment in early November, an agreement had been struck and promised to convert the company's ownership fully to the new acting CEO Jefemy.

Despite this deal originally going well and progress on the site becoming free from the situation, spacebuilder has recently become very stagnant and invisible in this deal, leaving the current staff team with zero communication or information regarding his reasonings for such behavior or any note on the transition.

This has put Brick Hill in a much worse spot than the agreement being defined with a yes or no answer, as he has instead said yes and then silently pulled away seemingly making it a waste of our time and yours. While it is true that spacebuilder has not financially benefited from the site's up-keep since it returned in November, this clause in itself is something that he could also change his mind on and thus we believe is no longer safe to operate on with his new found silence. This frozen transition state has disabled Brick Hill from being able to acquire new employees and leaves it in a large grey area of future growth.

Due to this, Brick Hill's current team has made the decision to step down from the site, while we are not sure of spacebuilder's intentions, him going silent on the transition clearly shows he has no interest in letting it be our site, therefore it is not ours to run.

What's going to happen?

Brick Hill will not be shutting down for now, however for the time being there will be no staff team managing it until a proper owner is instated, whether this is spacebuilder or someone else being given ownership will have to be decided behind the scenes during this period. This majorly means there will be no new content provided officially, including items, events, updates, etc.

During this time, several restrictions have been placed on the site to preserve it both for the users as well as the future staff team that could possibly be running it in the future:

  • All real-life purchases have been disabled, we do not believe it's right for people to spend money on the site during this time period. (If you have a membership, it will not auto renew)
  • User input is being reduced, only users who have ever had Ace, Royal, or Mint membership since 2019 will be able to interact on the forums, comment sections, and feed features.
  • While the site is NOT shutting down at this time, users who made recent purchases during or after April 26th that are concerned about the site may appeal to recieve a full refund on our discord server in the new #refund-support channel. (Be mindful that any product you refund will be reverted from your account if the site returns fully)

A chart is also provided below detailing what you can and cannot do on the site based on your account's status.

Site Action Regular User Former Membership User
Purchase Site Items
Upload Site Items
Play Sets
Edit Sets
Make Forum Posts
Make Feed Posts
Make Comments
Sell Site Items
Trade Site Items
Make Real-Life Purchases

What's the future looking like?

We hope for this to be a temporary state for Brick Hill with a new owner being present soon (either the present spacebuilder or a new party, if a deal is successful). When this is done things will continue as soon as possible.

Additionally, the website has gone open source so others can be inspired and build their own platforms in the future, check it out!

We're really sorry that this is having to happen, the last few months have seen Brick Hill the closest to a possible closing of services in the seven years it's been running, we hope this temporary state will allow for it to finally be resolved. While many of the team members have spent hundreds to thousands of hours on this project, the community has certainly spent an infinite amount of time sticking with us, building, engaging, creating, trading, you name it. Brick Hill has fostered a real community of amazing people recently passing 1,000,000 users created and we can only hope our journey doesn't have to end here.

On that note, thanks for sticking with Brick Hill all of these years. At the end of the day we're all on the same team and wish to see it succeed and can only hope this time of transition goes well for it, we appreciate all the patience and support that may be pouring out during this time. While there is no staff team remaining anymore, if the platform does exit this period the new staff team will provide updates as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading,

Brick Hill