Version Released!

Version Released!

What's new?

  • A much better interface
  • More bricks
  • In-game scripting
  • More functions for manipulating gameplay
  • A huge in-game speed boost
  • Lighting and shading
  • Publishing game thumbnails
  • Hats!

And that's just the big stuff! You'll find lots of different features among these which have been updated and tweaked for your experience!

Better Interface

(Credit: Ole's City Map)

Thanks to spacebuilder's fantastic new designs, I was able to craft this beautiful interface for you all!With new drag & drop features, buttons and many more commands, you can say goodbye to the old, tedious ways of building!If you ever get stuck with the controls, you can still press F1 to view all the shortcuts.

Lighting and Hats

Not only has speed gotten faster, so has the environment!As well as the ambient, you can now change the sun intensity, baseplate size, baseplate color and the sky color.I was also able to implement hats, so never again will you roam the Brick Hill lands with a barren head.


The new Workshop isn't just a pretty face... Not only do the new controls allow big structures with little effort, you can also publish these to the site!This means that not only will your thumbnail be updated, but you can also host your game without having to manually load the brick file by clicking the host button:

As well as this, you can launch the Workshop straight from the site to build as soon as possible!And when it comes to hosting, we've added port control so you can host as many games as you like at once.

How do I install this great update!?

Lucky for you, I have heard your cries, and the new Player, Host and Workshop can all be installed in as little as 5 clicks!Simply go to the Download page, click the "Download" button and run the installer.

Once it has successfully installed, you are good to go!If you have any questions, please ask an admin!

Special credits to blocky, SmartLion, Ole, Torrey, jackblack and egg for helping test the Workshop to make suggestions and find bugs!