User Spotlight #3: Zangoose

Hello! Blueham here with our third user spotlight blog. This week I got in touch with Zangoose in order to ask him about how he came to become one of the few Brick Hill millionaires. He is currently the richest user on the site with his specials currently holding a collective value of 1.18 million bucks. He is clearly a Brick Hill veteran, having been active on the site for over 2 years, holding a position as a beta tester for the upcoming client and even winning the 2018 Halloween Building Contest! So, without further ado, onto the questions!

Zangoose's avatar right after we hit 100,000 users.

How and when did you discover Brick Hill?

“Funny story actually. I was in a Discord server when I saw someone post a link to a Brick Hill profile asking if it was someone else’s account. I decided to explore the page and see if it was safe. Everything looked okay so I signed up on the same day!”

What made you want to start trading and how did you get so good?

“I started trading back when it was first added actually. I just tried to apply what I learned from trading on Roblox and TF2 to Brick Hill in hopes of getting at least one of every item.”

How long have you been #1 on the rich list?

“I’m not sure, but the oldest record I have of being #1 was in December 2017 when Executive’s old site ranked me as #0.”

Which special was hardest for you to obtain and why?

“The Golden Bok. I wasn’t online at the time and missed out on it. I was able to strike a fair deal with spacebuilder to get one, but it took a lot of haggling and a lot of sacrifice.”

What’s your favourite item in the game?

“My favourite item? The Medi-Kit 2000 because I designed it. Other items I like though are the Teapot, Cauldron Hat and Basil’s Bat Helm.”

Do you have any trading tips for newer players?

“Something I’ve learned is try and wait a bit after a new item comes out to truly see the value of it. Whenever a new special is added, it’s usually hyped up if it has a stock less than 100. Those items either raise like the recent Smooth Criminal, or burn out like the Golden Top Hat. Another thing to be cautious of are people trying to scam you. Do NOT lend someone you barely/ don’t know an item for them to wear as they may just take it and run. Also anyone claiming to be able to duplicate items is lying to you. Make sure you stay safe out there!”

That’s all for this week’s user spotlight blog. Thank you for reading and many thanks to Zangoose for answering our questions. Stay tuned for the fourth instalment of this blog series sometime soon!

The entry for the Spooky Halloween Building Contest 2018 that won Zangoose and a team of friends the first place position!