User Spotlight #2: Tylorfoot

User Spotlight #2: Tylorfoot

Good day, this is Tsukuyomi here with your weekly User Spotlight! This week's user is game creator, Saint Brick receiver, and all-around lovely guy, Tylorfoot.

Tylorfoot's avatar as of 5/30/19.

A quick summary on Tylor; he's currently the user with the most visits, and the community has gone gaga for his games. He has a well-known game series called Tylorfoot Cylinder Search, where players hunt for cylinders, similar to the Brick Hill egg hunts.

Tylorfoot's [WIP] Tylorfoot Cylinder Search 3 - A new world
Tylorfoot's Summer Splashdown
Tylorfoot's Ultra Dash Racing
Tylorfoot's Brickbreak Minery Co.

You can find all of Tylorfoot's games here.

On Wednesday, I had the rather lovely opportunity to interview Tylorfoot via Discord direct messaging.

When and how did you find Brick Hill, and what made you want to stick around?

I found Brick Hill by of all things, a stylish theme. The theme at the time, was of the old site, which looked extremely similar to another website I used. I signed up out of curiosity, and for whatever reason I stayed. I'm glad I did, because I don't know how else I would spend my time without Brick Hill. As for why I stayed, I really didn't have any other reason besides boredom, I guess.

What scripting languages do you know, and when and how did you learn them?

I know only one, Gamemaker Language. I don't know much of the actual language itself, since I wont be able to make Gamemaker Games anytime soon, but I CAN script in Brick Hill, which I do extremely well. If I had to guess when I learned, most likely in April or May of 2018. I basically just studied pre-existing scripts and modified them to try and make something happen, until I could figure out how to actually make my own scripts.

Do you remember your first creation on Brick Hill? If so, what was it?

My first creation was a house on a hill, which I created all the way back in June 2017.  Many of you older users will recognize the name "Sad House on Brick Hill". It was the first set to get 10,000 place visits, but honestly it was really bad. I kept hosting it at the time because back then I didn't know any better. Either that, or I didn't want it to be surpassed in place visits. I should make it clear to certain people that this set will most likely never be hosted ever again.

How does it feel to be the current leader for most place visits on Brick Hill? Do you feel famous, or get recognized often?

I actually don't have any opinion to having the most place visits. Yes, it is nice, but most of the time people don't recognize me for having a lot of place visits, I feel most of my recognition comes from hosting a lot, scripting, or being one of the few brick saints.

What projects are you working on now?

I have a large amount of projects that I'm working on, so I will list only the biggest one. By far my biggest project is Tylorfoot Cylinder Search 3, a scavenger hunt game where you will be able to find up to 30 cylinders in a sprawling map! It's pretty much an egg hunt, but with cylinders instead of eggs.

Do you have any advice for our future game creators?

By far my biggest advice I can give is don't let criticism affect you too much to the point where it sways what games you create and host. That happened with me and "Sad House on Brick Hill", along with other games I created that had no scripting whatsoever.

One last question Mr. Foot... How did you get the name Tylorfoot?

Tylor is my real name, and foot... Well, I saw a fridge magnet that was advertising health services for feet, due to someone in my family having a foot injury at the time. I can't seem to find a better username, so I just stuck with Tylorfoot.

You can join Tylorfoot's fan group here.

Well, that's all we have for this week's edition of User Spotlight; seeya around Brick Hill!

Tsukuyomi out!