User Spotlight #1 Game creator: Rainbow

User Spotlight #1 Game creator: Rainbow

What’s up, Brick Hillians?

Summer time is approaching faster than any of us expected! So you know what that means: school's out, updates, and more games!

Each week we'll be featuring Brick Hill's most popular game creators, clothing designers, and the top traders. This week we're hanging out with one of Brick Hill's most popular game creators, Rainbow! With over 4,900 game visits, chances are you've already played one of his games on the games page.

Be careful not to trip the alarms in Rainbows prison game
Rainbow's Brick Hill AF1 Jet
Big Portrait by Rainbow

You can find full list of Rainbow's games here on his (Rainbow Games) account.


I had the chance to talk with Rainbow today while he was playing his Menacing Bricks game (which is really fun - you can play it here) and asked him some questions about his Brick Hill experience, and building.

1. How did you find Brick-Hill, and what made you decide to stick around?  

(Rainbow) "I found Brick Hill on Blox City. I saw people talking about it but never really thought about joining. At the time the website didn’t look promising to have a good future so I didn’t have any interest in Brick Hill until one month after Blox City closed. I rediscovered Brick Hill after seeing a Brick Hill thread on Blox City in my search history. From there I gave it a shot."

2. What scripting languages do you know?

(Rainbow) "I honestly am new to JavaScript and JavaScript is the only scripting language I am familiar with. To be completely honest, when I first tried scripting I thought I would never learn but after you learn what some commands do and how they operate it’s not nearly as confusing as you think."

3. Do you remember your first creation on Brick Hill? If so, what was it?

(Rainbow) "My first creation in Brick Hill was a Halloween building event. In the 2017 October building contest. I’ve lost the .brk file since but still have the original images of it. It was a haunted church with a purple ambient and dark lighting. At the top of the church was a black cross. Everything was gloomy and bad"

4. What do you like most about creating games on Brick Hill?  

(Rainbow) "The thing I like most about creating games on Brick Hill is the fact that different people from all over they world are playing your very own game. This fascinates me. I also enjoy the current workshop and how simple it is."

5. Are you excited about our upcoming client update?

(Rainbow) "I am very excited about the upcoming client update. In my opinion I think Brick Hill will boom in popularity. The new client is going to be awesome for the website and invite many new people. Users will be able to create and host their very own games without port forwarding. This will invite many talented builders to the game development side and I’m sure they’ll build some very cool games."

6. What projects are you working on now?  

(Rainbow) "At the moment I’m creating Brick Hill games to keep users somewhat entertained until the new client comes out. At the moment I’m working on a Brick Hill project called “brick-run”. This game is basically a speed run game where you have to make it through the dangerous obbies to get to the other side. If you get to the other side in time (you have 75 seconds) you get points added. It's every man to themselves."

7. Have any advice for our future builders?

(Rainbow) "My advice for future builders is keep trying and thinking in different ways which you wouldn’t normally think. When I was starting out everything I touched in the workshop was AWFUL! but over a few months I progressively got better at building. In my opinion anyone can be a good builder with enough time and patience."

Share your creations with us on the forums by visiting the Creations category which can be found here ; , and be sure to tune in next week to see who we feature next!

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