Tricks & Treats on Brick Hill

Hello Brick Hill Users,

Halloween is upon us, and despite whatever you might be doing this year for it, Brick Hill has got the treats to make it one spooky time, as we prepare our pumpkins and hunt for some ghosts, the season is getting started and below are some Halloween treats you can get on Brick Hill!

Halloween Horde by Tylorfoot

Screenshots from Halloween Horde

If you're looking to hop into a Brick Hill set with some friends and get into the spirit, look no further than Halloween Horde! The game places you as a lost Archival Foundation employee, where you must fend against waves of monsters! The game provides you with lots of different weapons, alongside monsters with different abilities, some chase you, some shoot you, some even drop weapons! You'll have to go explore and fend for your life in this spooky game. Check it out here.

(This set will now be hosted permanently, make sure to jump in when you can!)

Halloween Items

Some of Brick Hill's Halloween Items depicted

What would make the platform spooky without some new items to make your avatar all the more frightening? As October moves forward new items will be releasing, some may be gifts, some may even change! Whatever props up, make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the shop, additionality make sure to keep your eyes on our Twitter page, who knows what's to come out from the shadows!

Halloween Theme

New Halloween Theme

Lastly, our new Halloween Theme has recently rolled out! The site has now been cast under a new spooky shadow, with colors of hallows all over! This change will last until December 4th, additionality if you're unhappy with the theme you're able to change it out for the normal theme in your settings page under a new theme setting.

That's all the Halloween fun for now, make sure to stay tuned and stay updated with the site as the month continues, more tricks and treats are to come!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1


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