Tricks & Treats are Brewing in Brick Hill!

A short blog post explaining some of the activites planned for Brick Hill's 2022 Halloween Festivites.

Tricks & Treats are Brewing in Brick Hill!

Hello Brick Hill Users!

The Halloween Season is quickly approaching us and with it Brick Hill has plenty of tricks and treats to give for the entire month of October! Read below for what's to come.

Weekly Activity Cards

Whether you'd want to use these cards as tarot cards or playing cards there is one thing for sure. They hold the great magic of revealing new fun! Come back to Brick Hill each week, with Week 1 running from Oct 4th - Oct 8th and Week 4 running Oct 24th - Oct 29th to see three unique cards revealed every week with new activites!

What kinds of activities will the cards reveal? A few of the potential things you'll see this Halloween season are..

New Items

This Halloween features over 50 different new spooky items and a countless amount of older spooky items returning! Don't worry, many of these will be free of charge and can be earned from doing different tasks! Who knows? Your card might just reveal a new addition to a series!


This Halloween you'll get to show your creativity (or submit lazily for a participant prize) through many different opportunities taking place throughout the month, each will have it's own unique twists from the usual format so be ready to have your ideas heard!


If you've stopped by to look for some fun this season, no worries! Some cards may even reveal brand new event sets with lots of items to gain in each! What're these sets you may ask? Time will slowly reveal the adventures you'll have to face this season!

Of course we don't want to spoil all the tricks under our sleeves, so we'll be keeping some details of what's to come secret... so make sure to keep checking for all the treats we have in store!

That's all for now! Make sure you check out the event page, available now through October 31st to see the latest on everything Brick Hill offers up this halloween season!

Thanks for reading,