Tools, Models, Bots!?

Tools, Models, Bots!?

These are just some of the things you might be asking when you take a look at what's to come in the upcoming update!Starting with our most requested feature; tools.

Not only can I finally finish off that delicious donut, I can tend to any of the other onsite tools!

Next up we have a favorable selection of interesting bricks!

That's right, you are looking at a proud bunch of hats being used for none other than decoration. Once it's touched up, you'll be able to select and update brick models to make your build look much more interesting and fun to explore.

And, saving best till last, I present to you a brick bot in full action:

Not only can this bad boy dress up as any onsite avatar, he can also be customized to suit your desired game! Fancy a roleplay server? Our buddy here will happily sell his chickens. Need a zombie? He's your guy.
That speech bubble isn't just for show; you can set him up to say anything you like, and with some scripts he'll even interact with you.
Still unimpressed? What if I told you that our well-suited cowboy can walk, jump, spin, teleport, follow and do just about anything else that we can do!
As this feature (we feel) is very essential to developing games in Brick Hill, I will try to document it in a very detailed way as soon as possible.

Although I mentioned this before, I'd like to specify that although these will be appearing only in future updates, you can still join some of my games to catch me testing these features.

Who knows, you might even befriend one of my robots!