The Holidays Reach Brick Hill

The Holidays Reach Brick Hill

Hello Brick Hill Users!

As the Holiday season approaches, we've been put under another intense snowstorm due to the work of the Aftermath. In doing so, we've got some new activites and festive objectives coming to you now through december 31st! Read below to learn some of what's to come.

The Winter Village

Welcome to the Winter Village! This is a village you can access both onsite and in-game all throughout this month to learn more about everything currently going on in Brick Hill this holiday season!

The onsite version can be found here, and the ingame version can be found here.

There's many things to check out in this village! Some examples are:

The Advent Center

That's right! We might be 10 days late but we still have an Advent Calendar running now through December 25th! Come back everyday for new items, items returning, items turning special, and more!

The Containment...

Well, we're not really sure what's going on here! But you better take a good look at it, maybe even crack the ice a little if you figure out a way...

Listen to some tunes!

The event page comes equipped with some of Brick Hill's best Holiday music! Take a good listen, we'll be adding more tracks to the player as the month goes on.

Play with friends ingame!

This time around, the event page also has an in-game verison that's playable! Here you can play some extra minigames such as snowball fights and icey races! As well as being able to obtain some extra items! Available for Windows and Linux now through January 5th.

You may also notice some new friends (or foes) who have escaped the Aftermath! Muffs has put together a new team, Sergeant Frostbite, Dr. Mota, and Eggent Toby! Who knows what they're planning.. you'll have to stick around and interact with them throughout the month to get their scheme!

Make sure to return to the event page everyday, more is on the way! Including lots of presents, items, an annual stream, as well as a contest!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1