The 2018 Brick Hill Awards: Finalists!

The 2018 Brick Hill Awards: Finalists!

Well, Brick Hillians, what seems like a mere 8 months and 9 days ago, the finalists of the Brick Hill Awards were announced (see the thread linked above). Now, as I know you have all been waiting, the winners of each category of the 2018 Brick Hill Awards will be announced!

Out of the entire community of Brick Hill, the users narrowed down the finalists to 77 users, out of which the winners of each category were picked by the users (with some staff aid when necessary).

Most Helpful:


ratatooie was chosen as most helpful for his activity and immersion with other played, helping new users around, and donating hefty sums out of pocket to just about anyone! It's indisputable that he has a big heart and wholesomely deserved this spot!

Most Active:


What can we say, this user has gone to hell and back to make sure he's online every single day! Having never missed a Special and almost never missed an item (we've seen his reactions!), it was only fair to give him this spot, especially considering he practically shifted his sleep schedule to keep up with our upload schedule.

Best Moderator:


Oh, how times change. While egg was a moderator, he never failed to do his job, and do it right. He'd be on everyday, helping out users and participating in the community. If he weren't staff at the time, he'd probably be a good contender the Most Helpful award!

Best Set:

Leon's Hide n' Seek

Leon's Hide n' Seek is simply an amazing game. Beating the limits of GML, he's shown that even now, you can truly make anything you set your mind to, and he smashed it! It's a very fun game and makes use of many of the features within the client.

Funniest Video:

FireCatMagic's spacebuilder's special e accidentUndoubtedly, this award goes to FireCatMagic, an iconic user in the community, especially for his range of Brick Hill videos! Namely, "spacebuilder's special e accident" takes the cake here, showing both his creative talents, as well as his efforts as a Blender animator!

Most Helpful Video:

Ole's Building in Brick-Hill - A Basic HouseA humble user, but definitely a talented one. Ole wins this category for his expertise in the client, and his efforts to help users get the know-abouts in the Workshop! This is a well deserved award.

Best Hat:

brick-luke's Fedora

Out of just a handful of hats, brick-luke's Fedora took the place as best hat. Whether it be for it's stylish design (as we all know, it's a very sought after item), or because of the meaning and legacy behind it, this hat was naturally going to take this space.

Funniest Username:


I think this speaks for itself! Anyone will look at this user's name and wonder whether they should actually be reading it. Having sparked a few comments (and reports!), I think that PickleTickler deserves this spot as it's definitely a peculiar name, to say the least!

Builder of the Year:


Once again, we see Ole on the list, and I cannot say I'm surprised. He's an excellent builder, and has really pushed the limits of Brick Hill with his creations. I'd love to see what more he can do, especially in the new and upcoming Workshop, that we might be seeing at the end of this month!

Most Unique Hat:

Sausage Head

A humble award, but I think we can agree that the Sausage Head is owed this award. It's quirky uniqueness would make you think you'd just left a butcher's, and this has caught the attention of many traders!

Best Fan Art:


Cloth's artwork is definitely some to admire. You've probably seen a lot of his work circulating out Twitter, as well as a lot of our blog posts, contests, and games! He's also known for his big heart, and absolutely loves illustrating!

Best Clan:

Space Rangers

What can I say, this clan rocks! Being totally unbiased, I can safely say this clan is the best thing since sliced bread. A dedicated cause and passionate members, the Space Rangers are definitely the number one clan, and one-hundred percent deserved to win!

Staff Member of the Year:


brick-luke was a hardworking, motivated, and spirited individual since we were sitting in school and decided we wanted to make a game about bricks. He had always been the go-to for any help, ideas, or problems, that both the users and staff had. He put so much work and passion into Brick Hill that I am sure it would not be the same without him. This is why brick-luke deservedly so earned the position as Staff Member of the Year.

YouTuber of the Year:


Another two-time winner of the Brick Hill Awards! That said, he definitely earned this spot as previously stated, putting so much effort into all his videos, and a steady dedication to Brick Hill since he joined!

Well, Brick Hillians, that pretty much wraps it up! I hope you've enjoyed this year's Brick Hill Awards, the suspense was killing me! If you didn't manage to win this year, you'll always have another chance next year.
Thanks for sticking around, you are what makes Brick Hill!