Jump Into Brick Hill: Set Scavenger!

Blog post announcing the new Brick Hill: Set Scavenger event, live starting now until July 24th! (This event has ended)

Jump Into Brick Hill: Set Scavenger!


Hey! The Brick Hill: Set Scavenger event concluded on July 24th, this blog post is now only up for history purposes, the event prizes are no longer available to be unlocked.


Luckily you're not going into this mission empty handed, we've managed to pinpoint the 3 locations these missing items went, as well as additonal clues for how you can recover them in these sets!
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Once you've claimed the items from these three sets, congratulations! You have saved Brick Hill and the items have been safely recovered to your crate.

Found a Bug?

We've made sure to perform bug tests and patch as much as possible, but with a new event and a large amount of expected traffic there is bound to be some potential issues and bugs, if you have found any of these or have suggestions for how to make events better moving forward, please leave it in the forum post below!
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The shiny and new Brick Hill Event Contributor Award!

This event wouldn't be possible without the developers who helped create both the custom event set and who incorporated their existing sets into the event! To show our appreciation, we have forged a new award to honor those who have contributed significantly to official Brick Hill events, and with the rise of user collaborations, we'll be handing out more of these in the future!