Summer Building Contest Winners

A blog post announcing the winners of Brick Hill's 2022 Summer Building Contest with a splash, it's submissions were open from June 25th to July 6th!

Summer Building Contest Winners


Thank you to everyone who submitted, the Summer Building Contest recieved over 100 results, with a variety of different objectives, builds, and fun summer acitvites!

Below are those who we deemed the best, winners will recieve both the Shoulder Crab item and the Sand Castle Visor.

P.S: Hover over each entry's picture for more details of their objective!

There is nothing more summer like then catching fireflies and watching them light up in the warm nights of summer!

Womping Woods

by tommytherock, MixaMega

Build sandcastles, play volleyball, and dig up some treasure!

Brick Building Together Part Piece Create Sandcastles

by Domas, 1nator, SansTheMemeLord, JackDev

Traverse this tropical obstacle course to reach the center of the Volcano!

Journey to the Center of the Volcano

by Taco Tuesday

Summer Fishing on Vietnamese east coast! Time to fish in every big enough puddle! Ocean, High River, Cave Lake, Fountain, Deep Ocean and Secret Out Of Bounds WaterObject!


by Voron

Come swim in the lazy river, Socialize with friends, jump off epic diving boards and more.

Brick Hill Water Park

by Rainbow

A Water balloon fight between a red team and a blue team, each with their own castle!

Waterballoon Warriors

by boxed113

Three players must complete mazes and obbies while also looking for three numbers they'll need in order to unlock the treasure at the end!

Lost Treasure

by SirStephen

Two teams need to capture the flag in the center! They also are equipped with water guns to assist their battle.


by TheGribez

Two ice cream shops are open with three players working in each, the players must fulfill as many orders as they can! The shop with the most fufilled wins.

Ice Cream Boardwalk

by The O Key

Brickyball, or in other words, volleyball! It's a bit easier than real volleyball, everytime the ball is thrown targets appear on the sand, make sure to reach them to throw the ball back!


by radness

You've been transported to a sandy platform, but be careful not to fall as it starts to shift and collapse

Shifting Shoreline

by Flintknock

Honorable Mentions

While these eleven were deemed the best builds, there a few other builds with lots of creativity and skill that we just had to show off! You can see them below.

Thank you everyone for submitting! We are excited to see how the future of building will grow over time with new users of the community as well as new opprotunities with the upcoming new client!