Spooky Halloween Building Competition

Spooky Halloween Building Competition

Greetings, gouls of Brick Hill, to another building competition!
This year we will be building under the theme of Count Sponkbaber's Castle, and it is your job to build the most awe-inspiring, spine-tingling, foot-tickling castle - and it must be fit to house the great Count Sponkbaber!

Go all out and wild with this, make sure your castle is the best and most creative it can be, for the staff (and users) to explore. Use your imagination to create a really spooky map this Halloween!

What do I do?

The only requirements is a spooky castle for Count Sponkbaber to go back to after a long day of haunting. You may work on your own or in a group (although the prize will be split). All you need to remember is that you're building a castle.

How do I enter?

Once your awesome castle is finished, you can send an email to events@brick-hill.com.
The email must contain your username, your .brk file, and a picture of your castle! You may send in multiple builds, however you'll only be able to win once.
If you haven't sent in all of the details required, then you will not be entered into the competition.

What will I win?

A significant ego boost among the community... as well as this, everyone who enters will receive a participation trophy. The top three contenders will receive:
First Place: Spooky Spider Shoulder Pal and 1000 bucks.
Second Place: Spooky Spider Shoulder Pal and 750 bucks.
Third Place: Spooky Spider Shoulder Pal and 500 bucks.

These prizes will all be revealed in the final week of October!

How long do I have?

Have no fear, for you'll have just over three weeks to design, build, and send off your castle! The competition will start today (October 6th) and will end on October 30th. This gives you just about 24 days to do everything you need. Make sure it's sent in by October 30th, as we need to judge the results and hand out the prizes as soon as possible.

Have fun, good luck, and get creative!