Lunar New Year is Here!

A short blog post celebrating the Lunar New Year on Brick Hill with a new event, available from January 22nd through the 28th.

Lunar New Year is Here!

Hello Brick Hill Users!

The Year of the Rabbit has arrived and to celebrate Brick Hill is bringing back some old items as well as releasing a few new ones to celebrate the season! Read below for more information.

Brick Hill's Firework Frenzy

The Lunar New Year is here! To celebrate a new Brick Hill event set has released for a limited time, available now through January 28th. In this set your goal is to collect fireworks by taking down other opponents and claiming their fireworks!

The game is played with strategy! You need to take down opponents and make sure to not lose your own fireworks, however to cash in your earned fireworks you will also need to wait for the Firework Deposit to open in the center of the map every few seconds, so make sure to time your attacks and claim your victories!

You can play the game by checking our event page here!

Lunar New Year Themed Items

Several old and new items have also released for the holiday! You can now purchase the Chinese New Year Lantern and Lunar Rabbit Mask items in Brick Hill's Avatar Store now!

You can also earn the Lunar Firecrackers and Chinese Finger Trap items in Brick Hill's Firework Frenzy through completing different tasks in the set! Best of luck in your mission!

That's all for now, we hope you'll enjoy the festivites we've set out and we hope to have many more fun experiences in the future, so get out there and start stashing up all the fireworks you can, it's everyone for themselves!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1