Brick Hill: Inside 2020

Post regarding the progression and growth of Brick Hill throughout the year 2020.

Brick Hill: Inside 2020

Hello Brick Hill Users,

Brick Hill over the past 4 years has been growing and improving on itself rapidly. It was only a year and a half ago when the site first celebrated reaching 100,000 registered accounts, and only months before that when the entire site was released under a new design. Time flies when you're having fun, and this year one of Brick Hill's biggest years has flown by. Brick Hill's growth and progression over the past few months has been huge, and compared to any other year combined it has grown immensely.

Enough with the intro though, the year has passed and it is time to look into Brick Hill's 2020!

User Growth

What's the platform without the users? Brick Hill in 2020 hit a new record for signed up accounts, and along the way has hit several milestones in the year. In 2020 alone the site grew by 318,000+ accounts, that's roughly 62.7% of all accounts created!

Alongside these big numbers we also hit multiple milestones within the year, with our most recent being 500,000 accounts just recently in December! This growth exceeds any every previous year on Brick Hill combined and we can't wait to see what's to come in the future years.

Shop Growth

Firstly, this year Brick Hill created over 260+ new items for users to wear, alongside this 39 different items either came out special or became special throughout the year. Our biggest month by far was March with 50 items (that's more than an item a day!) with some other peak months being May, April, & December.

But it'd be foolish to just check on the new items of the year, many items were purchased throughout the year, with the most sold item being ivo's Hair reigning with over 15,000 sales in 2020 alone, that makes up 58.5% of the item's total sales! With other items like the Brick Hill Caps reaching over 10,000 sales, an impressive showing!

However there's much more on the market for user-created assets than there will ever be for official items, and this year especially the community has outdone themselves, creating over 131,000 different assets. With 55,200+ shirts (42.5%), 54,300+ t-shirts (42.1%) and 19,000+ pants (15.4%) created in 2020.

Many user assets also gained lots of sales in the year. With the top asset being the Fargo Shirt by Fargo with over 3,500 sales, making up 53.2% of the shirt's total sales. Numerous other assets created by Chris, Milk., Slurp, and Chirpe were also highly sold throughout the year.

Clans & Sets Growth

Right next to the Shop tab is the Clans tab and clans themselves have grown more than ever before in 2020! Whether you're looking to form a group of similar interests, work together on a set, or just find brick hill users with the best usernames, one thing is for certain: Over 2,415 clans were created this year alone, that makes up for roughly 49.5% of all clans created!

Many clans also saw exceedingly high amounts of growth this year. The largest being Rare Usernames[RARE] created by Builder which gained over 15,300 new members in 2020.  That's 68.3% of the clan's total members! Other clans created by spacebuilder, Googie, Glacia, socialism, Brick Hill, & toofy were also among some of the most gained in 2020.

To the left of the shop tab is the play tab, and play is exactly what many did in Brick Hill this year! This year alone over 15,300 sets were created on Brick Hill. Which is an impressive 46.4% of all sets ever created. Alongside this, many creators saw growth in game visits, the largest of which are Illusionism, SmartLion, Dysphoria, & Tylorfoot.

These creators among others created several great sets, whether it be an impressive build or scripting put to work. Many have also been featured on our recently restarted Brick Hill Spotlight series if you're interested in learning more about the creators.

Forum Growth

Finally, the forums. The greatest hotpost of Brick Hill users everywhere, the true brew of communication and activity across the website. To truly show for this, the forums broke numbers far beyond any previous year with over 845,000+ unique threads made and 3,500,000+ unique forum replies made.

Among the most active subforums was firstly, Off Topic taking a large victory with over 680,000+ unique forum threads posted, roughly 77% of all threads ever posted in the subforum. Second being Brick Hill Hub with an impressive 86,000+ unique forum threads this year, 39.3% of all threads posted in the subforum. Lastly, third place was Marketplace, gaining 60,000+ unique forum threads making up 70.2% of the subforum's total threads.

What Happened?

The growth of Brick Hill this year has been far greater than any other year for the platform, and with it came some events and activites, documented below.

Brick Hill Holiday

This year, Brick Hill released 8 different presents for users to collect for the Holiday Season. Some required an objective, some you could obtain with currency, and one even concealed an ARG which notably has only been fully completed by 39 users thus far! Alongside this was a Holiday Theme and some other holiday items were released.

Throughout the duration of the season, a total of 19,500+ presents were collected by users. 2,677 of which that found the clue to the Frosty Present of Winter Cheer, 1,958 that unlocked the Myshka's Present of Slumber, and 3,502 that revisited the past to earn the Classic Present of Christmases Gone.

Brick Hill Tricks & Treats

Another festivity was brought to Brick Hill in mid-October with the Halloween Season. 4 presents were to be obtained, some you could purchase, others you had to hunt for, and some required you tune into our annual Halloween twitch stream! Once again the site was cast under a spooky shadow of hallow colors and several items pictured above were released during this time.

Over the course of this spooky time, over 4,000 gifts were collected, with 668 users hunting down the Ghostly Bag of Creepy Classics and over 700+ unique visitors on our annual twitch stream! (of the 17 different snippets) This twitch stream also granted all users in attendance the Twitching Present of Sinister Streams and Twitchy Top Hat!

What's New?

This year also saw some new exciting changes arrive to Brick Hill, some ranging from quality-of-life changes to overall changing up the way things worked! Check them out below.

Membership Upgrades

At the start of July, Brick Hill rolled out a new system of Memberships, discontinuing the Mint membership but providing additional perks to both Ace and Royal, along with these new exclusive items!

Alongside this was the addition of two new donator related items, the Mom's Credit Card (25$) and Mom's Golden Credit Card (100$).

Official Themes

Latest Theme to be added (Holiday Theme)

Starting in the Halloween Season, the ability to change the way your site colors looked was officialy added. By going into the settings tab you are now able to switch the site's colors based off given presets. So far we've utilized this feature for events. However there's more to come soon! Stay tuned.

2-Factor Authentication

The ability to set up 2FA with an Authenticator app was also implemented. This is a setting we heavily suggest for everyone as it'll bring extra safety and security in the event of someone attempting to compromise your account. Visit how to do so in your settings tab & follow the instructions.

New Trading Tab

Finally, the Trading tab also recieved a redesign, making it easier for you to navigate and interact with your trades easily on Brick Hill. It places the trades in a much cleaner side by side view as apposed to the previous mutliple tabs arrangement. Check it out here!

That's all for our look into 2020. The year in itself was by far the biggest year in Brick Hill growth thus far, and in the coming years we hope to bring you new experiences both through the up coming new client and continued support through the website. All of this wouldn't be possible without the users powering the site's content and making it better year by year, and as we move into the year 2021 the possibilities only grow, we'll see you there!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1