The Holidays reach Brick Hill!

The Holiday season has arrived, and Brick Hill is setting into full swing in preperation for the season!

The Holidays reach Brick Hill!

Hello Brick Hill Users,

The Holiday season has arrived, and Brick Hill is setting into full swing in preperation for the season! No matter what you celebrate or who you celebrate it with during this time, Brick Hill has got many festive activites in store for the season and below are some of the festivites happening around Brick Hill!

Festive Sets Arrive

What's one of the first things you can do to get into the holiday spirit on Brick Hill? Jump into some great festive and cozy sets with your peers!

Snowy Mountains

Created by tommytherock (Hosted by SmartLion)


If you were looking for an expansive map to explore sprinkled with festive secrets, look no further than Snowy Mountains created by the user tommytherock, this set is a great one to set out and look around with your friends or even just trek the journey by yourself! It also doubles as another great place to hangout if you're looking to do so in the festive mood.


Created by Dysphoria


Finally, you can't have the true holiday magic without some fantasy, and the set Candyland created by user Dysphoria  captures that greatly, you can hangout and walk around with your friends amongst the giant candy cane pillars and pink candy terrain!

If you're looking for a festive set to sit down and relax in with your peers to get into the spirit, make sure to check these out! These are hosted 24/7 usually so you can also check them out anytime even after the Holiday season!

Presents & Festive Items


What's the holiday season without some presents? As per Brick Hill tradition there'll be new presents releasing, some you can pick up with your currency, some you'll have to figure out how to achieve, and some may even require.. an ARG! The best part is all the gifts will be opening sometime after you've collected them, what can the rewards possibly be, you'll have to wait to find out!


Additionally, there'll be some festive items coming to the shop, infact some already have! Some will be new, many will be returning, and some you may even have to unlock! There'll be plenty of holiday items ready for you to get your avatar into the season as well, stay tuned!

Holiday Theme


Next, our latest Holiday theme has now been rolled out! The site has been once again cast under a new light, now being a festive and cozy dark theme for the holiday season! This change is only available for a limited time and will be removed in the future, additionally if you're unhappy with the theme you're able to change it out for the normal theme in your settings page under the theme setting.

New Client Progress


As the months, weeks, days, and minutes go by, our progress on getting the new client out to Brick Hill continues! While it is not available to public testing yet, the user rowbot has made some great festive builds within the new client! Above are some images of his set, including the capabilty of the skyboxes and materials of the new client! We'll be giving more information on the new client's details and features soon, stay tuned!

That wraps up the festivites of the holiday season for now! Make sure to stay around during the season as there's more holiday fun to come from Brick Hill!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1