Hatching the 2019 Egg Hunt!

Hatching the 2019 Egg Hunt!

The time is upon us, boys and girls, to finally announce the Brick Hill Egg Hunt that opened ten days ago on the 22nd of March for onsite eggs, and today for the in-game hunt!

Explore and traverse a land of mountains, rocks, buildings, caves, and a circus to find eighteen eggs! The rarity varies from egg to egg, some as easy as walking over and touching it, but for others you'll have to beat odds and test your wits! I wouldn't want to disappoint you though, so one or two eggs are simply infuriatingly rare, regardless of your expertise at egg hunting.

No, it isn't in the new client... Looks cool though, right?

The hype is truly upon us, and the game will officially release in a few days over multiple servers so you shouldn't be fighting for a space. While you're waiting for us to iron out a few kinks (and get hats working in-game again, ahem) you can always hunt for the eight onsite eggs!

Both the in-game and onsite hunt will last until at least April 22nd, so make sure you don't miss it! With 24 eggs in total, it'll be the largest one we've hosted!

Happy Hunting, Brick Hill!