Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Pinch, punch; it's the first day of the month!Lots of cool stuff happened in October, including our spooky streams, haunted theme, cool Halloween games, the contest, and best of all: new games and Workshop!First off, what you've all been waiting for... contest winners!It was a very tough pick due to the amount of very good submissions, and just because of this we have decided to increase the bat prize to the lucky top 5 winners.After looking through ~30 entries (and unearthing some late, long-awaited Summer Contest entries), we have narrowed it down to:





blocky & Ole

You can vote for the top 3 by clicking here.

With our runner up...


I'd also like to mention some users who weren't able to finish their builds for various reasons, but still impressed the staff team:



What else?

But hey, that wasn't all, I think you'll all notice that your long awaited gift baskets have blossomed into a lovely bundle of gifts and presents - and a head!?That's right; our beloved Isaiah finally began to work on the highly requested head feature and has been able to implement it (unfortunately you'll have to wait before you see it in-game)

With all these new hats and heads, we've noticed some interesting avatars, here are just some:

And let's not forget Isaiah's true brain;

But surely there's more!?

That's right! Much to all of our disappointment, we are proud to announce Jefemy will be developing the site with us and the rest of the team.Be sure to give him a warm welcome!