Game Review

Find out about some of Brick Hill's leading games.

Game Review

Brick Hill recently released version 2.0 of the client and just under one month and one building competition later, it looks like it's been put to good use building some great games that deserve to be featured. Before we get into reviewing games, let's start with a shoutout to IONUT1234, winner of the Halloween mansion building contest.

IONUT1234's mansion.

Congratulations to the runners up as well for their fantastic builds.

Review 1: Brick Canyon Classic

Built by SmartLion, this impressive recreation of a canyon was good fun to explore and showed good use of the Brick Hill workshop: with a variety of different brick shapes and sizes and interesting lighting. If you're a fan of adventure games or obstacle courses, I can highly recommended trekking around this map.

Review 2: ratatooie's Hangout!

ratatooie's playground also showed very good attention to detail with an obstacle course and a climbing wall to distract yourself with as well as several classic playground attractions, all well built. Hence the name, this game is a great place if you want to chat with other users and I hope to see it being hosted on a regular basis.

Review 3: Building Game

Scripted by brick-luke and built by SmartLion, this game is an especially good use of the workshop. Although simple, it's the first sandbox game on Brick Hill allowing you to place bricks and build your own creation. As the workshop is developed, I hope to see lots more scripted games like it.

Thank you to SmartLion, ratatooie and brick-luke for featuring in this issue of Brick Hill's blog, we hope you and everyone else continue to break new ground using the workshop to make greater and more complex games as the developers expand and improve upon the client.