Egg Hunt 2018 - It's Out of This World!

Egg Hunt 2018 - It's Out of This World!


Hello! The team here at Brick Hill are very proud (and excited) to present this year's Egg Hunt! With help from various staff members, we've put together a total of three maps and 24 eggs to scavenge this year. You'll be able to get 6 eggs per map, as well as an additional 6 eggs on the site for those who are unable to download the client.

To start off, we've already released Interactive Egg of Transmedia StorytellingBlue Egg, and Royal Egg of Christmas Past, which you've already been hurrying away to collect!

This blog post will talk about the three maps you can play in, as well as the eggs you can get! The three maps will be situated deep in space, at the depths of the ocean, and in the wonders of the rainforests. Tonight, we'll host the big release of our first map - The Planegg of Mars!

In this map you'll be able to race around and get a total of six eggs, each with varying difficulty! Below we've listed what each egg is, how difficult we think it'll be, and a few hints on how to obtain each one:

Space Egg of Rocky Rings:
This egg is quite tricky, as you have to rely on luck to dig up this relic!



Alien Egg of Unidentified Terror:
This egg is surely more difficult! Only the most unknown creatures of space are most peculiar to find, and you'll find yourself jumping through air to get to this!


Geyser Egg of Unstable Discharge:
This egg is quite a simple one, however you have to have your wits about you to time it just right, or you might miss it!


Materialized Magma Egg of Confusion:
Straightforward but not to be taken for granted! You'll soon find yourself in a dizzy daze if you're not careful!


Shuttle Egg of Miscalculation:
You'll be blasting off on an adventure with this egg! Again, you'll have to pay a close attention to the trail to try and acquire this item!


Egg of Perpetual Knowledge:
Only the brainiest and most prestigious of those out there will be able to hold this head between their shoulders!



Hopefully you enjoy playing this Egg Hunt as much as we've enjoyed making it! Be sure to ask others for help and share your stories with others.

Happy Hunting,
from Brick Hill!