Cracking Open the 2018 Egg Hunt!

Hello, Brick Hillians, and welcome back to another blog post by yours truly... egg! I would like to start off by giving a quick update on our current map, Planegg of Mars.
So far Planegg of Mars has recieved so much feedback and love. It's incredible to see the Brick Hill community team up to explore the extraterrestrial environment and to complete these hard challenges to recieve their well deserved eggs!
Here are some moments from Planegg of Mars - Egg Hunt 2018:

With that being said, I would like to announce our second egg hunt map - Wonders of Egglantis!

In this map, you'll be able to swim around (not really) and get a total of six eggs, each with varrying difficulty! Below we've listed a few of these eggs. Try and guess what their names are, and how you can obtain them!

Happy Hunting!


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