Clan Updates and Giveaway Winner

Find out about updates to our clan system and the winner of our first giveaway.

Clan Updates and Giveaway Winner

Hello and welcome to Brick Hill's first blog post that isn't written in non-sensical Latin. My name is Ivo and I am the member of staff at Brick Hill who will be writing most of the blog posts along with Alex (spacebuilder) and occasionally Luke (brick-luke) as well. Yesterday Brick Hill released a whole host of new features for clans. In addition to the features we had before, clans can now:

  • Set a status using the shout out box.
  • Give members more powers.
  • Change the clan to request-to-join or invite-only.
  • Change ownership to a different user, a different clan or abandon the clan entirely.
  • Become allies or enemies of another group.

And clan members can now remove primary status so they don't end up stuck with the empty square brackets next to their username - ta da!

Oops - the clan status overlaps. Don't worry, this will be fixed soon.

Up coming features that your faithful website developers plan to add are:

  • A way to add, store and pay out bucks from the clan.
  • A delete button if you want to remove a specific rank from your clan.

To celebrate the clan overhaul, here's Brick Hill's...

Featured Clan

Brick Helpers

As a member of staff, it's always great to see users taking the initiative to make Brick Hill a better place for everyone and that's why we've chosen to feature Brick Helpers. Brick Helpers are the kind of people happy to answer your questions and you'll probably see them around the Support sub-forum. We're always happy to see users helping each other so thank you for setting the example, Brick Helpers!

And a shout out to...

Brick Forest

FireCatMagic for creating the game Brick Forest - we needed a background image for the blog header that nicely represents Brick Hill and we chose yours. Thank you for putting in the effort to make Brick Hill the online playground, we hope to see more great games from lots of talented builders in the near feature.

Winner of the Cyclops Giveaway


Almost two weeks ago on Twitter, we announced we were giving away the #8 Cyclops. 146 retweets and over a 100 followers later, we chose the winner: congratulations to fighterfist! We hope you enjoy your loot. And of course, if you didn't win there will be more giveaways in the future.