Brick Hill Spotlight #7: Noah Cool Boy & Developing

The seventh edition of the Brick Hill Spotlight series, featuring the amazing Noah Cool Boy and some of his best works in both sets and scripts.

Brick Hill Spotlight #7: Noah Cool Boy & Developing
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Hello Brick Hill users, welcome to the seventh edition of the Brick Hill Spotlight! It's been a quick minute since the last time we met. Last article we spoke with the inspiring creator Tylorfoot on some of his best scripted sets, as well as going over some of the great work behind them. However if you've been here before or are just checking in for the first time, you should know that there's no time to waste & there's creators, shirt designers, traders, forumers, & inspiring people to check out!

So, with all of that out of the way, it's time to get back into spotlight with our next entry in the series, meeting with another innovative creator, into the User Spotlight!

User Spotlight

The options for Brick Hill sets grow by day! Many in their own ways share unique qualities, whether it be the building or the gameplay to it, however one thing is for certain in that some of the best sets for the ones that bring unique new concepts to Brick Hill!  

Epic Rap battles (left) The climb (right)

One of the first names that should come to mind when brining up unique experiences is Noah Cool Boy! With over 4.7k visits Noah Cool Boy has quickly risen to making some of the most unique experiences on Brick Hill! Some of his most known would be Rap Battles, a set where you and your friends see who can rhyme better, and... who can't in an epic battle of words!

Another one of Noah Cool Boy's biggest sets is Wait 4 hours to be able to leave the house, the title explains it all! It is a unique experience where you and some peers can jump in and see who can stand the test of time. An impressive 20+ people have stepped up to the challenge and actually surpassed it!

Brick Hill Outfit Randomizer And Purge (Left) Brick Hill Dark Lavender Theme (right)

Noah Cool Boy is a creative scripter in sets, but what he shines in sets also shines to the Brick Hill website! Noah Cool Boy has taken it upon himself to add some very cool features to the website through his own script extensions. Whether you want to randomize your avatar like the old days, calculate peer's forum posts per day, change your timezone, apply a nice sleek style to your Brick Hill page, or even export your brick hill builds into programs like blender, Noah Cool Boy works very hard and you can check out his themes and scripts here!

(Stylus extension required for themes, Firefox & Chrome)

(Tampermonkey extension required to use scripts, Firefox & Chrome)

These script extensions and sets are some of the most unique and innovative to ever come to Brick Hill and it's no doubt Noah Cool Boy is making the platform a better place! We got a chance to speak to Noah Cool Boy about these projects and the work behind them, those questions are below.

How'd you come across Brick Hill & what has kept you?

I discovered Brick Hill with KonekoKitten's video. I was bored out of roblox, so I said why not give it a try! I loved the small and kind community, and wanted to contribute to the platform.

How did you get into coding?

I don't remember exactly how I discovered coding, but I do remember how I learned it. I wanted to learn it, and took a book about programming for kids in the library. It tought scratch and python. After learning both of those, I wanted more and started expanding my knowledge to more programming languages.

What keeps you motivated in making both your sets, themes, and scripts?

It probably is the positive feedback of everyone. I like getting comments telling me what I should improve to my creations.

Of the sets you have created, which is your favorite and why?

That has to be rap battles. As I was looking for game ideas, I thought of a game where people could compete in having the best diss track. The lyrics people come up with are really funny sometimes.

Which was the hardest to make?

When the second node-hill game contest was organized, I was thinking "Why not make a shooter game?". That's when I made blaster master. It was the first time I was making a game with guns. I had no experience with collision checking and bullet movement. In the end, I was pretty proud of it.

Of the scripts you've made (and possibly future ideas) what do you hope to see added to Brick Hill?

It would be great to have the "Brick Hill Timezone Modifier" implemented officially on the website. It can be really confusing for some people to use the 12 hour and DD-MM-YYYY format. Another addition which would be great to see are the Forum Edits. I have had many cases where I misspelled a word.

What advice would you have to others looking to develop?

Never lose motivation. I have a programming folder full of unfinished projects which I gave up on. And the main reason is because I hit a roadblock while coding, struggled to find a solution and then just abandoned the project.

Is there anything we should be expecting for the future of Noah Cool Boy soon?

There might be a forum search soon ;)

That's the end to our interview with the amazing Noah Cool Boy! As well as the closing to our seventh entry of the Brick Hill Spotlight series! Make sure to check out Noah Cool Boy's profile to check out some of his greatest sets, as well as checking out his themes and scripts.

On that note, thanks for reading as always and make sure to check out Noah Cool Boy's work! His talent will not go unnoticed by Brick Hill, and thanks to him and the creations of many others, Brick Hill becomes a better and more limitless place, we can't wait to see what these tools will give future creators!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1