Brick Hill Spotlight #6: Tylorfoot Returns

The sixth edition of the Brick Hill Spotlight series, featuring the return of user Tylorfoot and a deeper dive into his creations.

Brick Hill Spotlight #6: Tylorfoot Returns
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Hello Brick Hill users, welcome to the sixth edition of the Brick Hill Spotlight! We've already made it to six, with many more to go! Last time we got a chance to catch up with the talented creator Aidaan to check out his uniquely complex sets as well as the work behind making the creations. But there's no time to waste, creativity, hard work, and plenty of talent runs strong in Brick Hill no matter what the source may be, and we're just scratching the surface!

Now that you've heard all of that, it's time to get straight into our next entry of the series and get together with another talented creator, into the User Spotlight!

User Spotlight

Brick Hill's offers of sets range in their qualities, many focus on building, whether you're just looking for a city to cruise in or a beach to hang out at, and an even rarer quality in Brick Hill is that of scripting. Scripting in Brick Hill is no easy task, and coming across an excellently scripted game is an experience that can lead to hours of fun and adventure with your peers. These unique experiences don't always come often, but when they do they definitely shine.

Brickbreak Minery Co. (left) Ultra Dash Racing (right)

Among these scripted games comes creator Tylorfoot, who is without a doubt one of the most talented and inspiring creators on Brick Hill. With over 42k visits and growing fast, Tylorfoot's games are enjoyed in the thousands. Some of his most popular works are Brickbreak Minery Co., a competitive quarry game where you are mining overtime just to stay ahead of your fellow competition.

Another hit game of Tylorfoot's is the popular Ultra Dash Racing, another competitive game where you work to speedrun across two different impressive maps, maneuvering your way through parkour jumps, moving obstacles, and your worst enemy - other players, As fast as possible.

Cylinder Search (top left) Summer Splashdown (bottom left) Halloween Horde (right)

The sets do not stop there, and Tylorfoot has made many unique experiences to Brick Hill that either by yourself or with the company of peers provide for lots of fun. The sets are consistently updated, and you can learn more both about upcoming projects and updates to these current projects on Tylorfoot's Brickbreak Co. discord server. Some of these project also use SmartLion's sound-brick script which allows for sounds in the sets. (steps on how to set this up are in any corresponding set). Additionaly, Tylorfoot has even kept us his own lore connected to these sets, making for some interesting backstory if that's your alley.

This innovation doesn't stop in it's tracks, and Tylorfoot is no stranger to being in the spotlight! We got a chance to revisit with Tylorfoot and learn more about his projects and the process behind them!

("2 years" is in reference to Tylorfoot's last blog apperance in 2019)

Nearly 2 years has passed, and you're still going strong! What has kept you on Brick Hill?

Really, it's just the not-so simple act of game development. Not only that, but seeing people enjoy my games and give suggestions motivates me more than usual to create games on Brick Hill.

Have you grown and improved over the last 2 years?

I would say that i've grown immensely since those two years. The quality of my games compared to those two years has skyrocketed, and even though I had a hiccup with the transition from GML to Javascript, I still managed to pull through.
Mentioned Survival pictured ~ One of Tylorfoot's most popular games!

Which of your sets is your favorite?

Out of all of the currently released sets, I would say Survival. It has the most opportunity and potential to be truly great.

What was the hardest set to make?

For me, difficulty in set creation comes more from ideas rather than programming hurdles. Or at least, that's what i've encountered more often so far. Either way, the contenders for hardest set would be the node-hill remasters of Cylinder Search and Brickbreak Minery Co. Cylinder Search games are naturally difficult to create, because there has to be an entirely new objective for each cylinder. Not only that, but there's a big focus on the map of a Cylinder Search game. I'm not the biggest fan of building, so it's quite the hurdle. Brickbreak Minery Co on the other hand, has gone through numerous design changes. From turning minerals into bricks, to collectible trinkets and crafting, there was quite a lot of features that were scrapped.

How do you come up with your ideas for sets?

Most of my ideas for sets have been from other games that I've played. I'll take those ideas and mix them with my own. After lots and lots of polish, you've got a new Tylorfoot game!

About 2 years ago you said your newest project was Tylorfoot Cylinder Search 3, what can we expect in the future from Tylorfoot now?

Teaser graphic created by Tylorfoot
I've got a ton of projects i'm working on at one time, so much so that I've decided to create and showcase this teaser image. It may not be the best looking image, but you'll be informed of my upcoming projects in greater detail. (and for those not in the know, Tylorfoot Cylinder Search 3 was unfortunately cancelled in the transition from GML to Javascript)

What advice would you have today for other creators in contrast to your previous advice?

Due to certain circumstances, that advice is no longer valid in my eyes. Right now, the only advice I can give is to do research & ask for help. Whether it's game design or programming, it's best to know what you're getting into.

That's the end of our interview with the unprecedented Tylorfoot, as well as our sixth entry of the Brick Hill Spotlight series! Before you head off to go check out some of Tylorfoot's sets though we'd like to announce a new award for all that get a Brick Hill Spotlight blog post dedicated to them!

The prestigious (and shiny!) Brick Hill Spotlight Award

Starting now, all current and future spotlight users will recieve the victotorious Brick Hill Spotlight Award as an appreactiation for the hard work they put into making Brick Hill a better place, thanks!

On that note, make sure to check out Tylorfoot's profile to see more information on his sets, as well as joining his Brickbreak Co. discord server if you're interested in keeping up with news regarding his projects. Tylorfoot's scripting and game idea making has set a bar for Brick Hill and a bar that will undoubtedly inspire and lead future creators beyond with their sets!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1