Brick Hill Spotlight #5: Aidaan & Complexity

The fifth edition of the Brick Hill Spotlight series, featuring the user Aidaan and his impressively detailed sets.

Brick Hill Spotlight #5: Aidaan & Complexity
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Hello Brick Hill Users, welcome to the fifth edition of the Brick Hill Spotlight! The new year is here, and last year we managed to get the chance to meet and learn more about four outstanding users of Brick Hill! Just before we left for the holidays we met with the creative set builder rowbot to learn of his many inspiring creations & the process behind such a venture. However, with the new year we have many more users to meet over the course of the next few months, and there's no time for delay!

With all of that said and done, it's time to head into our next entry of the series and meet even more outstanding users of the community, and this article we've got just that, into the User Spotlight!

User Spotlight

Brick Hill over the last few years has gained 100s to 1000s of different sets, builds vary drastically in topic and such design. However a key look that usually comes by the platform is a notable simple to most of the builds. This simple feel works well and the sets themselves look great, however these boundaries of the client can be pushed, and the results are outstanding.

Some of Aidaan's work

One of the most talented creators to take a more detailed route in his builds is user Aidaan. Whether it be a simple obby or an expansive area, Aidaan goes to the next level with his builds, adding in great detail and along the way making his sets look amazing. When used in the new client technology Brick Hill is currently developing, these details shine even further.

Mentioned Kitchen build

Amongst just the details, many of Aidaan's builds are also creative and show great quality in what the Brick Hill platform can truly show for. The content of these builds is also strong in variety, some builds are cities, some are minigames, and others can be as point blank as a kitchen, regardless Aidaan's builds are some of the most detailed and impressive that Brick hill has to offer.

These sets have been viewed by many, and his increasing count of over 3,000 game visits also goes to show, I had a chance to get to talk with Aidaan and ask him questions regarding his builds and what advice he offers to others looking to make similar projects, those questions are below.

How'd you come across Brick Hill & what kept you?

Like most Summer 2019ers, my joining was impart due to Koneko Kitten, though not fully. One of my close friends had watched the famous videos and messaged me one morning to this Roblox-like game called "Brick-Hill", and I did. Honestly, at first, it was the forums that kept me. I saw it as a way to become known and as a way to start my journey on Brick-Hill. I was also extremely competitive with forum posts. Some other factors were the community, the awesome items, and just the overall atmosphere. It's impossible now to become known on something like Roblox unless you have significant skills in the content creator or dev industry so Brick-Hill was something I found refreshing.

How'd you get into building?

My interest really came to be in 2020, for the whole of 2019 I had a little Mac laptop but seeing how I had gotten a Windows for Christmas, I decided to try out the things I'd never been able to. I liked the idea of being a "developer" so I began trying to learn how to host and portforward, once I had finally figured all that out I really began to build a lot more and host all my creations. My first great influence for building was probably Illusionism, I went as far as basically creating a knock-off HillVille and hosting it. As I kept building more and more I also became inspired by more and more users like Square/below, rowbot, and more. All these inspiring builders really kept me trying new things and have brought me to where I am now.

Your creations are often in great detail far beyond most Brick Hill sets, what inspired this detail?

This question for me is more difficult than the others as I feel there are several reasons/things that inspired me. Probably the most simple and boring reason for my kitchen was just the thought, "Huh, this would be quite a fun thing to try and build," but there's obviously a lot more depth than that. At first, the kitchen was more of me messing around but once I saw how good it was becoming it made me realize that this was what I was meant to be building. As for people, probably the person who most inspired me to try out detailed builds more than anyone is Square. I found his well-detailed builds really intriguing and incredible and he was the one who told me to not be afraid of messing around with things like rotation.

What keeps you motivated in making sets?

I'm sure someone has said this before, but I live for the reactions of people when they see what I've built. Their surprise and support is inspiring and I probably wouldn't have gotten this far with my kitchen without all of you who've put just a nice comment. It's also really satisfying to think that what I'm doing is quite unique that I'm maybe a pioneer of a new style of building.

Of all your creations on Brick Hill, which is your favorite?

If anyone of you know anything about me or my builds, I feel like no surprise comes when I say that the Kitchen is my favorite but, specifically, there are two parts of it I really like, them being the fridge and the and the little white moldings in the front of the build on the island. The fridge is really cool to me because it was the first thing in the kitchen that I had built that I had truly loved, as well as it being the centerpiece of the kitchen for a while. The fridge was probably what gained my build the most traction when I had first started showcasing it. As for the white moldings, I really like these because of how smooth I made them look with just plain old bricks, I find it really satisfying to look at and I'm definitely proud of them. One other thing that isn't a part of the kitchen set that I really like is the Tree Painting in my little build with the fireplace.

Which was the hardest?

Similar to the last question, the Kitchen was easily the hardest, no competition. Specifically, though, it wasn't one of the models like the fridge or toaster oven that I found the most difficult, it was fixing a big mistake I had made far through the development of it. The problem was massive miscalculation. This may not sound too hard of a fix but you must realize that my whole build was in a rotated position, meaning I had to move a whole chunk of my build diagonally back and forth. I did have the reassurance of a backup save but that did not dumb down how fast my heart was beating as I carefully moved 25% of my build using imprecise tools. That definitely taught me to always double check my measurements, I have no intent to experience that again.

What advice would you give to others looking to also create sets on Brick Hill?

Two of the most important factors in building to me and most builders would have to be hard work and immense patience, especially if you chose to try my style of building. All the small movements and scaling require a lot of patience and I'd recommend reference images, unless you feel like doing some full on creativity building. But there is one factor that overshadows even these, and that is motivation. If you have no motivation and you're feeling burnt out, TAKE A BREAK. Healthy breaks are essential if you plan on being a successful builder. Denying breaks can lead to sloppiness and you flat out not having fun, which is not fair to you and your passion for building. Two last pieces of advice are to not be afraid to ask for help or advice, and to also not be afraid to abandon a build if all it's done to you is make you lose interest in building.

What's next for your creations?

The first thing I'm aiming to do is to finish the kitchen once and for all, which shouldn't come as a surprise. I've been working on it way too long and I'm ready to start new projects. As for new things, I'll probably keep trying out smaller scenes, like the fireplace one showcased above, until I gain access to the New Client. On the topic of the New Client, I have some pretty cool ideas reserved for that, some ideas that should hopefully test my skills with larger maps, which definitely need to improve if you compare them to by detail-building skills.

That's the end of our time with the talented Aidaan as well as our look into the fifth Brick Hill Spotlight! If you'd like to check out some of Aidaan's works, make sure to stop by his profile and check it out. The contributions these builds have made to changing up the variety of Brick Hill are impressive, and we can't wait to see what else comes from it, both from Aidaan and the future creators he will inspire!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1