Brick Hill Spotlight #4: rowbot & Creativity

The fourth edition of the Brick Hill Spotlight series, including the user rowbot & his inspirational creativity in his sets and custom themes.

Brick Hill Spotlight #4: rowbot & Creativity

Hello Brick Hill Users, welcome to the fourth edition of the Brick Hill Spotlight! It's been a good 3 weeks since we last met, but we're back once again to cover another great user! Last article we sat down with the game creator SmartLion to learn of his many projects, innovations, as well as some of his tips for other creators looking to inspire. Speaking of inspiration, it's time to head back and find more great talent within the community!

So let's head into the next entry of the series and get caught up with another user who brings quality and inspiration to the Brick Hill Platform, entering into the User Spotlight!

User Spotlight

The Brick Hill Platform gives you a good amount of tools and room to make great works of artistry and aethsetic! Whether you're building a statue, planning out a landscape, or modeling a replica of a building in real life, there's plenty of tools to make some impressive views!

Of the many talented builders on Brick Hill, one of the best when it comes to making amazing looking environments is none other than the user rowbot! rowbot has built several impressive sets with some pictured! He's also collected some of his best projects and put them onto his own website, featuring a blog and downloads to some of his builds as well as other relics of Brick Hill history which you can check out here!

If you thought those sets were breathtaking, rowbot has also made several sets within the new client technology that Brick Hill is currently working on! We've featured some of it on our twitter before and some of his works are also pictured above!
On top of the great artistry for his work on Brick Hill sets, rowbot has also set out to make custom themes to fill the default grey and white color scheme of the website! Although we have recently added themes, rowbot has been working on colorful and creative themes for years! Some add snow, some are modeled after Brick Hill site concepts, some even give your page a nice computer emulated touch! You can check out his collection of themes here! (You will need to also download this Chrome extension, these themes are only available for computer).

These themes have been downloaded in the hundreds, and rowbot's sets have been enjoyed by many for their true inspiration and quality, I had a chance to get in touch with rowbot and asked him some questions about his works and what he'd say to those looking to make similar projects, those questions are down below.


How'd you find Brick Hill and what kept you?

I surprisingly found Brick Hill while browsing through a Discord server, someone on the chat told me that Brick Hill just became public and it looked cool. I've decided to give it a try and, it indeed looked cool. Brick Hill's "Lego-ish"artstyle and community always looked appealing to me, and I guess that's what kept me in Brick-Hill.

What keeps you motivated to make new projects on Brick Hill?

One thing that motivates me is trying to make something that someone has never made before, I really like to surprise people, and seeing their reactions, as for the example, the Halloween Livestream build. I intentionally kept this build a "secret" so everyone could be surprised on the livestream. But what REALLY motivates me the most is when someone likes my projects. Really, just a simple "cool" is enough to make me wanna build more.

How do you come up with your custom themes?

I usually come up with an idea that I think it would look pretty cool on Brick Hill. Like back in 2019 Brick Hill didn't have a Halloween theme, or neither a Christmas one. I thought it would be really cool if Brick Hill had these seasonal themes, and so I've made a few tests with a custom Halloween and Christmas theme and shared it on the forums. People liked it, so I made them into a real thing.

Of all your builds on Brick Hill, which is your favorite?

That's a difficult question.. Probably my favorite one is the "Late Winter Night", which was one of my first "Major" builds. While I was creating this map, a lot of personal stuff was going on, and it has a really special place on my heart. I really like the general aesthetics and "cozy" feelings it has. (..or maybe I just really like snow). I sadly never hosted it because I can't port-forward on my router. If you are interested on it you can read more about it on my website. (which is totally not a copy of smartlion's website)

Which was the hardest?

Hmm... I can't really tell what it is at this moment, but I will tell one thing, it's massive. Finding the "perfect" colors, lighting, and aesthetics is really difficult on a big build like this, and having it to make it playable is even more difficult, since the player can look at basically everything. I sadly cannot show it right now, but I'm really excited to show it to the community.

Which of your custom themes is your favorite?

The "BrickOS" theme. I think it's such an original and cool idea having a website with a "System OS" inspired theme. And the best part is that you can customize the theme with your own background and colours choice, making it look like your personal computer. You can find the download for it here.

What advice would you give to others looking to create builds on Brick Hill?

Patience and your motivation is key to everything. You may not start as good as you think it would be, or it might take a while to build it, but keep in mind that you have actually made something. You need to be proud of yourself. Every build is unique and has it's own aspects. There isn't a "better" or "worse" build, there's just different "build-styles". For the building part itself, I would say to set on a theme first, and then start working on it. Always remember to be Creative, Patient (You will need a lot of patience), and put some effort. I can assure you, after some time of building you will look at your own build and be like "Wow, I built this??". Also music can also help you build too.

That's the end of our interview with rowbot as well as our look through for the fourth Brick Hill Spotlight! As said before, make sure to check out some of rowbot's great work on his website as well as his themes if you're interested! The creativity and colorful creations made by rowbot and other users is sure to continue, and rowbot will undoubtedly be a great influence for the future of creators!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1