Brick Hill Spotlight #2: Illusionism & Sets

The second edition of the Brick Hill Spotlight series, including the user Illusionism & his impressive collection of sets!

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Hello Brick Hill users, welcome to the second edition of Brick Hill Spotlight! Last time we met we went over the great advances of the user Ty_, and the contributions he made to Brick Hill! But a new article calls for new people, and there's many users of talent and inspiring motive all around the website!

So join us for another post as we continue to search and meet those that bring difference and quality to the Brick Hill platform, jumping straight into the User Spotlight!

User Spotlight

When it comes to the Brick Hill landscape, there's always room on the table for new adventures to emerge. Whether you're experienced or joining into the field, the tools given and the platform exposed allows for those even new to create something great and popular.

Of the many sets on Brick Hill, one of Brick Hill's most successful and talented creators is user Illusionism. Who holds around 18 hosted sets at most given times, one of the top numbers for any user. They also hold a record breaking 70,000+ visits, more than any other user currently. His most visited being 2nd Longest Obby on Brick Hill! [38 STAGES]. With many other impressive builds such as the RPG Game: Dark Forest & Biggest City on Brick Hill - Mirando Beach.

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These visits don't just come of miracles, but of the great work, creativity, heart, and overall quality that Illusionism puts into these sets, and today I had a chance to get in touch with the creator himself, those questions are down below.

How'd you find Brick Hill and what kept you?  

To be honest, I don't even remember how I found out about Brick Hill, but knowing myself, it was probably through YouTube. What kept me, however, was the positive, welcoming community, as well as the fun of hosting your own sets.

How'd you get into making games?

I've always had a thing for building on Roblox and RollerCoaster Tycoon, but I never got any following from it, and I'd never have the skills to make it big on either platform. But, coming to Brick Hill in 2019, I found relatively simple games with simple building, so I decided to put my skills to the test and spend as much time, creativity, and effort as I could on making something great, something to stand above the rest. This first build, Train Track Traverse, got quite a bit of attention, so I kept building bigger  and better things.

What motivates you to make games?

While the creative side of me is definitely there, trying to build new things with new methods, my guilty pleasure really is positive attention. Getting people to say "woah that's really cool" to my builds is a big motivator, but on the other hand, once I run out of creativity, no amount of attention can bring back my drive to build.
Screenshot from the mentioned HillVille set

Of all your creations on brick hill, which is your favorite and why?

For building, most probably an unreleased build that should've been finished in April had I not thought way too big. You might get to see it someday, though...  Foreshadowing aside, my favorite one in case of both building and gameplay has to be HillVille. Even in it's perpetually unfinished state, I've repeatedly laughed myself silly over some of the interactions I've had there, and my building is pretty darn solid. I may get around to remaking it one day, once the client stops running like my computer is from 1996, and my Brick Hill creativity comes crawling back. Someday, someday...  

What advice would you give to others looking to create games?

It's not how good you are, it's how patient you are. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard, and despite how it may seem, I did not start off talented, but I sure as heck started off motivated. The week I joined Brick Hill, I decided to sit down and build something unlike anything Brick Hill had seen, and over 15 hours of building later, I created still one of the most charming builds I've ever made. It legitimately took me 30 minutes just to make the train track, since I didn't figure out how to copy and paste easily until after building it. I'm still proud of it, but I'm mostly proud of myself for putting so much time and hard work into it. Music also helps, especially  without words. You'll appreciate German techno once you start using it to help yourself build, trust me. (p.s. tylorfoot accept your past)

On that note ends our interview with Illusionism. As well as our end to the second Brick Hill Spotlight series! Next time you're out playing Brick Hill with your peers or just exploring the play page, make sure to go and check out Illusionism's sets if you haven't already. That's all for this time!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1