Brick Hill: Moving Forward

A short blog post outlining the plans Brick Hill has moving forward and what they mean for the platform.

Brick Hill: Moving Forward

Hello Brick Hill Users,

It's been a little while since any official update was given on how Brick Hill plans to be moving forward after the events that have taken place in changing our leadership or what this change means for the future goals of Brick Hill.

We are providing this post to let you know what has or will be changing and a section on what the change can mean you'll be expecting from us in the future, we hope you're as confident in Brick Hill's future as we are moving into these plans.

What is changing?

After discovering the actions of our previous leadership we had to make the choice to replace the position of CEO in order to best serve the platform. As said before it was important that Brick Hill could be entrusted in the hands of people with values that would keep the users in an environment that is friendly and safe.

In doing this, Jefemy will be taking on responsibilities of Brick Hill and Mooshimity LTD as soon as processes can start allowing it. In the mean time he will already be serving as acting CEO until we can complete the process of making it legally true as well.

Some possible questions have been laid out below, click the questions below for additional information to be given;

Legal Processes are not completed?

At this time we have not finished gaining the legal holding of Brick Hill and Mooshimity LTD yet, the former CEO has agreed to help us in this process whenever possible.

This is a process that can take some time but will have no effect on Brick Hill being able to operate in the mean time. The former CEO will still NOT be leading Brick Hill in this transition time, just for now on paper we have not fully obtained the company yet.

Who is Jefemy?

If you do not know Jefemy, he has been the lead website developer for Brick Hill since 2017. He has been in control of managing and carrying out all website development since the website's last remake in 2018. 

He is currently working to also bring out the next remake that we have discussed in previous blog posts. He is well qualified to keep Brick Hill running and will certainly continue to do so.

Can Jefemy do all the tasks that the former CEO did?

Brick Hill's infastructure is strong and you will not be seeing much change in tasks being done than previously. While Jefemy will not be doing everything the former CEO did, we will be allocating lots of the former CEO's tasks over to be spread across the Staff Team, which was already being done previously in September & October of this year.

Meaning you can still expect things like new announcements, items, events, and so forth to continue being created as usual.

Will Moderation Rules be changing?

We will not be changing any rules or unbanning anyone without appeal in the past as a result of this new leadership. If you would like to request an appeal you can appeal to the website or the discord.

Keep in mind harrassment is still not allowed on this platform. This still applies to the former CEO, please do not upload hateful content against him or anyone at Brick Hill, it will be rejected.

Will Brick Hill be hiring?

Brick Hill may make a new easier way for potential applicants in the future in order to build a stronger team now that we have more tasks to fill, at this time we are not looking for anyone. Though we will let the community know if such openings begin to exist.

Will my money go to the former CEO?

No, transactions from Brick Hill for the last several months have almost all gone directly back into the platform. Particularly back to the New Client development.

Any purchases made now and in the future will continue this path, you are supporting Brick Hill by donating, not the former CEO, once fully legally obtained it will likely still go to the platform as well.

How will this effect the future of Brick Hill?

The biggest question surrounding the new change in the platform's leadership would likely be how does it effect how Brick Hill was planning to move forward and what will be the new set of goals to ensure it's future plans and ambitions are met?

We want to be as transparent as possible as we move past this period of transition so below we have made several different sections and what possible changes you might see, as well as what we plan to be doing with those sections in the future.

New Site

Brick Hill's New Site planned as laid out previously is planning to continue as normal. Brick Hill has recently expanded it's web development team with 3 new members and will continue working dilligently to get all the announced features so far out to you whenever possible.

If you're interested in seeing what changes have been announced to be added, we advise you check out the two blog posts provided below:

What is currently being worked on?

We've recently started updating some new pages such as the dashboard, rules of conduct & landing page. Our developers have been working hard on several additional features from these posts, in particular layered clothing has recently released.

Next up we are hoping to have features like the trading update, social media verifying items, item versions, etc. out to the public in the future, we'll make sure to keep you updated as these features keep rolling out!

Will we keep recieving update notices?

Yes! These two blog posts while covering a lot of the website still haven't touched some other areas to the site we'll be looking to remake once these are done such as clans, the admin Panel, & the upcoming workshop center for the new client.

Stay tuned for more information! We'll also make sure to provide updates on how current development is going during community events such as our Annual Holiday Live Stream this Decemeber.

I have a feature idea! Where can I suggest it?

We're always open to taking in new feedback and ideas as we go through this process, the best way to make sure your ideas are heard is either posting them in the Suggestions subforum or our discord's #suggestions channel.

New Client

Brick Hill's New Client is a project that has been in the works for many years at this point. We're getting closer to the ability to ship it to a more public release, though we still have a few more hurdles to cross first!

Brick Hill plans to resume New Client development as soon as possible, it was previously paused during this transition period. Once back on the road we're hoping to be able to give Paid Beta testers a new version of the client soon including scripting capabilities.

What is currently being worked on?

Brick Hill's New Client development is currently in the middle of finishing up two of it's biggest hurdles for release. The scripting library as well as a new brick engine that's been in development for a few months. 

These two processes have been very time consuming however they're two of the biggest hurdles left to being able to deliver a product and should improve the client greatly.

There has been no public beta builds recently! What gives?

Brick Hill's New Client development has not had much to deliver in product as it's been in the long process of creating and perfecting both the scripting library and brand new brick engine. 

Our intention is to release a new beta version as soon as both of these are done, you should see significant changes with this update, as well as lots of minor bug fixes that have been made over the past few months. We sincerely apolgize for nothing being given on this, game development takes longer than any of us could have predicted.

When is the client releasing?

The big question, right now we're working to finish up the scripting library and brand new brick engine as the two biggest hurdles in making significant progress on the new client.

Our hope is that the new client could achieve a public release sometime in the next year, this is not a very helpful ETA, but you should know with Brick Hill how insignificant ETAs can be. We'll be providing more updates on the New Client as we get closer and can hopefully nail down this ETA to a specific date in the future.

Can we get more transparent progress updates?

Yes! Something we'd like to introduce as we move forward with finishing this product is new blog posts and notices on our upcoming stream regarding how progress is going.

 We're consistently making progress little by little behind the scenes though we believe it'd be helpful to be transparent in letting you know how development is going through bigger constructed posts. You should see these soon when possible!

Community Events

Brick Hill is planning to continue on schedule with it's planned events for the year, the delay this transition period has brought has pushed some things back unfortunately. However as we move forward we hope to bring a new found energy into the process to hopefully produce bigger, better, and more organized events moving forward.

Below you can see a roadmap for what events are planned to still be taking place in the 2022 calendar year.

November 2022

Halloween Event Set 2

The transition period has pushed our spooky celebrations into a large part of November, starting November 21st - 28th you have a new set to play to close out the spooky season!

Halloween Giveaways

We won't be having a Halloween Stream this year, so all giveaways will be held on the event page throughout the rest of the month! Coming soon..

Halloween Contest Results

We won't be having a Halloween Stream this year, so instead the winners will soon be chosen and be given a seperate blog post! Coming soon..

December 2022

Holiday Festivites

Brick Hill will be doing lots in December for the holidays this year! Stay tuned and get some cozy clothing...

New Years Festivites

Brick Hill will be holding some New Years festivites as well, get excited for 2023 with us towards the end of December!

Why is there no Halloween Stream?

Due to time constraints we won't be able to fit in the production and running of a Halloween Stream this year. We'll still be hosting our annual Holiday Stream in December, so stay tuned!

How long until the Halloween Event ends?

All festivites with the Halloween Event will end by November 28th, make sure to get the presents and items while you can! Stay up to date with our Event Page for all information.

I have a suggestion for a Holiday item! Where can I suggest it?

We're currently looking for holiday item ideas if anyone possibly has them, the best way to make sure your ideas are heard is either posting them in the Suggestions subforum or our discord's #christmas-item-ideas channel.


At this time, we have had to cancel all present and future merchandise promotions including both the Logo & Bat Helm Keychains, as well as the upcoming skateboards promotion.

This is a project we hope we can get back to making progress for one day, however for now it'll be on hold. All listings have been removed from the website.

I made an order but never received the item..

Brick Hill has made sure to cancel and refund all orders we were able to do this action for, if your order was not dealt with and you believe it needs to be please make contact with us via email or our discord server, we will handle it.

Will my codes still work?

If you haven't redeemed the code off your merchandise order and you're in possessionof it, it will still work on our website, simply head over to and submit the code.


These four sections were all that we believe would have potential changes made due to this leadership change. Anything not mentioned should be safely assumed to be continuing without any notice of change.

We thank everyone who has stuck with us during this time and those who will be continuing to access the platform as we move forward with the future. We believe these leadership changes will ensure Brick Hill's safety and integrity are continued and our values are best shown.

With all our services now being reopened, make sure to keep in mind, Brick Hill tolerates no harassment or hate speech on its platforms, this includes harassing the former CEO spacebuilder. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to punishments, be civil! Thank you for the cooperation!

This is all for now, as we move forward we are hoping to be more transparent in our changes and progress, so you'll hopefully be hearing more from us on the situation present as the platform continues to grow.

We recently hit 1,000,000 accounts, while this hasn't been an ideal celebration of that goal we cannot thank you enough for the support and we hope we can keep pushing the site's ambitions and goals further. As usual we can't wait to see what users will be doing with the new client and new site as we get closer to rolling out those functionalities.

Thanks for reading,