Brick Hill: Looking at 2022

Post reflecting on Brick Hill's 2022, as well as how it plans to progress forward.

Brick Hill: Looking at 2022

Hello Brick Hill Users,

Brick Hill is now reaching six years of age since its initial public release, and a lot has changed with the platform since our very first milestones. Just five years ago we reached 10,000 users, three years ago we reached 100,000, and now we've managed to surpass 1,000,000 users! With all of that said, 2022 saw many new opportunities and accomplishments both in the community and the actual platform's development and if there's one thing for sure, 2023 will surely continue to bring greatness!

Enough with all the words however, it's time to dive deeper into 2022!

Platform Growth


New Users

900,000 Users

March 23rd

1,000,000 Users

October 19th

1,050,000 Users

Total Users

The platform is only ever as strong as its users, and this year Brick Hill got to see many new faces enter the platform! In 2022 Brick Hill grew by over 205,000+ accounts, which helped push us to reach a total of 1,000,000 accounts in October of this year. This means that in 2022 alone, roughly 20% of all created accounts were made!

This growth has only been continuing and we're very excited to see what heights we can reach in this coming new year, stay tuned we may even celebrate a few of the exciting milestones with events along the way!

Item Growth

Official Items Created by Month


New Items


New Event Items


New Special Items


New Regular Items

Firstly, we need to start with Brick Hill itself. Brick Hill has picked up new asset creator talent throughout the year leaving 2022 with more active asset creators than ever before! This shows as Brick Hill created over 525+ new items for users to get in 2022 alone.

This marks a new record as Brick Hill's biggest year for item creation ever! Of these items, 102 new Event Items released, meaning they were completely free for users to obtain in various site events! Additionally, 79 new specials were created. Our largest month by far was August with 88 new items, that's almost 3 new items a day!

Top Most Purchased Official Items

Among the many items made this year, some items also sold, ALOT! Above are the top items sold by Brick Hill this year, with the latest entry in Brick Hill's cap series gaining just under 20,000 owners!

The most earned Event item was the Beheaded Brick Hillian Present, with 6,800 owners. The most circulated special was the Scorched Helm of the Virtuous, it was traded and resold over 5,000 times!

User Created Items by Type


Shirts Created


T-Shirts Created


Pants Created

Of course official Items are hardly all that Brick Hill has to offer! Brick Hill's library of user created items has many more options and is growing every year! Users uploaded 50,000+ clothing items in 2022 alone. Of this, 50% were shirts, 34% were T-Shirts, and 15% were pants.

Top Most Purchased User Created Items

There were also several user created items that sold lots this year, with Jeans! by Chirpe reaching over 1,500 sales! As more tools for content creation in clothing are added to the website within the coming months we hope to see even more creations added to Brick Hill's always expanding catalog of user creations!

Set Growth

Top Most Played Sets (by Minutes)

Of course, it can't be Brick Hill without the sets! While we work on finishing up the upcoming new client, many have still set out to make great experiences in the legacy client, and they've shown big! The most played set by minutes this year was Going Nowhere Fast by VirtuaVirtue, which saw over 187,000 minutes of playtime, that's 129 total days of playtime for one set, 18 weeks!

In total, the top 15 most played sets make up roughly 1,500,000 minutes of playtime, that's 2 and a half years of playtime! Not too shabby, we can't wait to see what new sets are created, this year alone over 9,100+ sets were made!

Top Most Played Sets (by Unique Users)

Playtime is not everything! Above are the sets who saw the most unique users, not counting replays; these are individual users who played the game! With the top result being Longest Obby on Brick Hill by Illusionism with 6,500+ unique players in 2022!

Quite impressive, we hope as the new client prepares to release we can see lots of more users start to check out sets! We'll be working on the tools for you to make the best sets possible as always, make sure to share your creations with us as well!

Social Growth


Forum Posts


Forum Threads




New Clans

When you're not creating or playing, you're likely socializing on Brick Hill! This year Brick Hill users were very active, racking up just over 1,900,000 new forum posts! Jeez, that's a true post count. Alongside this, 450,000+ new forum threads, 235,000+ comments, and 1,300+ new clans were made.

Top Subforums by Forum Thread Count

Top Clans by New Members

Lastly for statistics we shall take a look at clans! While not very feature heavy as we work on rehauling them, many clans still see a good amount of activity! Including the top gainer this year, Rare Usernames[RARE] by BuiIder! Which saw over 5,300+ new members in 2022!

We're excited to see what clans users make once we finish our rehaul of the feature!

What Happened?

2022 has been an active year for Brick Hill! Many updates, announcements, events, and milestones were surpassed as we crossed our 5th year of being opened! Read below about a summary of what we'd like to remember as we move into the new year!


Winter Wonderland
Egg Design Contest
Egg Hunt
Summer Building Contest
Eggency ARG
Halloween Mega-Event
Holiday Mega-Event

This year saw more community events held than ever before! The year included 102 items that could be collected in events! The events ranged over 9 sets, 2 ARGs, 5 contests, and many more on-site objectives!

Below are some fun stats to remember the biggest events by;

In Egg Hunt 2022: It's About Time...

What was your favorite Egg Hunt world? Statistically the sandy dunes of Deadshell Desert was the most liked, with a 93% rating! However the most played was the cryptic Arctic Research Complex with 5,520+ visits!

In Brick Hill's Spooky Halloween Season...

Did you participate in any contests? This event held 3 different contests, winners for the biggest one; the Halloween Art Contest, can be found here! This event also held two different minigame sets, did you get all the items?

In the Winter Village...

The Winter Village featured many different activites, whether you chilled by the fireplace, watched the Advent Calendar, raced your friends, or got involved in snowball fights! It even updated for Christmas Day and New Years, did you talk to all the NPCs within?

New Updates

2022 was a big year for the future progression of Brick Hill! It saw many changes for Brick Hill, and announced many more soon to come in 2023 and beyond!

Brick Hill's new look in 2022!

The biggest change you may have noticed was our new logo! Brick Hill's branding switched this year, introducing a new logo, new default t-shirts, and new styles for how we will be making items and promotional material moving forward! This was one of many steps we'll need to be taking to move the platform to the next level!

2022's New Avatar Editor

The Avatar Editor also saw a significant update versus what once was! With a new sleek design we believe this is a much better way to make sure your avatar is styled the way you want it to be! Also seen in this image is the newly added Layered Clothing feature! Allowing you to wear up to five clothing items in any order you desire!

2022's New Shop

Brick Hill's shop saw so many updates it's almost hard to go through them all! As announced in March, Brick Hill has big plans for items in the future, in 2022 we've acted on a bunch of these plans, here is a quick bullet list on everything implemented to the website so far;

  • New Shop Layout
  • Layered Clothing
  • New Designer Templates
  • Event Items
  • New Stats for Special Items

While a good start, we're still working to add even more to these pages soon! Below is some more announced ideas we hope to introduce in 2023;

  • Item Versions
  • Item Series
  • Item Tags
  • Trading Overhaul; Values, Sorting, Scam Detection, etc.
  • Emotes, Outfits, Bundles, and New Body Parts
  • Verified Designer Program
  • Recommended Items
2022's New Landing Page

We also updated many miscellaneous pages this year! Including the landing page, the dashboard, the rules of conduct, and even the blog! This is just the start, as we move forward we hope to change the entire website to be more modern, easy to use, and interactive!

We also released new blog posts this year describing what updates we plan to release soon, if you would like to check out what has yet to be fully implemented yet! The two are available below;

What The Future Holds..

As Brick Hill moves into 2023, we're not slowing down at all! It is our goal to continue building the platform up, particularly in implementing the changes and expectations we set out for ourselves in this year through our blog posts and promises.

Below are some possible goals we should look towards completing in the New Year! We will check them off as they're completed!

    Celebrate New Years!
    Release the Trading Update!
    Release parts of the Social Update!
    Reach 1,111,111 Users!
    Have a set reach 10,000 unique users in 2023!
    Arrive at the Aftermath..
    Continue the Spotlight Series
    Host atleast one stream
    Complete the New Client

That's all for now, thank you for reading through all of this post, as always Brick Hill wouldn't be possible without it's users, despite what may have happened in 2022 and what we achieved, we can only hope and work towards 2023 being even better!

Thanks for reading, Maxed1