Brick Hill - 100,000 Strong!

Brick Hill - 100,000 Strong!

Just over two years ago, brick-luke and I were in our room brainstorming ideas and putting together the basics of a much larger structure that would become the platform you use today. In 2019, most of our dreams have been actualized, becoming the quirky brick-based game that you know and love, and now with the addition of 100,000 users!

The feat came soon after a renowned YouTuber published a video featuring Brick Hill, and our activity surged. Over the past week we surmounted 30,000 new players - forcing us to put in a lot of extra work into upcoming updates to ensure they're out in time!

A preview of the soon-to-be Brick Hill client!

But we weren't the only ones excited over the news. Users had their own celebrations planned and today many places were opened and people poured in to have some fun!

brick-biel's server was certainly a popular one! (Hosted by Leon)
Clan Paradox stepped up and built an amazing map that was definitely popular, although slow at 3,000 bricks!

Hundreds of users popped in throughout the day to play these games, and you can still check them out now if you're quick!

Aside from popping the confetti and patting each other on the back, we've also released the 100K Shades and 100K Cap that will only be available for a little while, so make sure you grab them!

As to what's next for Brick Hill, you all know we've been working hard on the new Workshop and Client that we've promised to be released by this summer, which will be a game-changer for Brick Hill as a development platform and a gaming platform.

The avatar update is also due to be released sometime this summer, although certain changes may delay this. Don't confuse this update with the avatar redesign, though, that's coming with the client!

Lastly, we have recently published the official Brick Hill Wiki, and while it is still in heavy development, it is for all to see. Primarily trusted users create the pages and soon it will be jam-packed with everything anyone could ever need or want to know about Brick Hill!

Thank you for 100,000 users, Brick Hill. It is truly an honor to progress with you beside us and I am sure the future will be just as bright. What brick-luke and I only dreamed of is now blossoming greater than we had ever imagined!