Big Updates Incoming!

As some of you may know (often eager to share the information with new users), a new site is in the works, and has been for the past few months now. After a rocky road of development hiccups and interuptions, we're finally coming to a close for the release of this.

Now, I won't be announcing any release dates just yet! While we're almost finished, we'll put off dates so you aren't disappointed, but you'll be able to see a few teasers below.




This site opens a great new chapter for Brick Hill, allowing us to become a lot more contemporary with many other leading games. Of course, if this isn't quite to your liking, our staff member Tech has been developing a theme you can use that'll bring back the essence of our classic site as best as he can!


What about games?

...I hear you ask. Fear not! For games have been in very steady development since May, with the new addition of Ezcha to our team. Almost completely reimagining the mechanics and gameplay, we've been ploughing through with one of the biggest updates yet. Take a little peak of some of what you can do below:


That's about it for now, but you'll have to stay tuned for more updates that might pop up on the blog!
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