A Message To The Users of Brick Hill

Thank you to all of the users who have and who are currently playing the game me and my brother, brick-luke, founded. It has been truly awe-inspiring to watch this grow and see our community shape into what it is today. It brings me great sorrow to announce that the always-positive and optimistic Co-Founder, Luke Dunn, passed away on the 31st of December.

This has been a rather long and hard week for me, as I am sure you know that we were twin brothers, and are still very closely bonded. Ever since we were children we've been interested in Lego and the idea of building with bricks; just over 10 years ago we were unwrapping Lego Star Wars: The Video Game, for Christmas. Then shortly after we were introduced to Roblox, which we ended up spending hours of our time playing and (primarily) building games. Brick Hill, for us, has been a way that we could envision how we wanted to create and share what we had made, and it really exploded with lots of positive feedback.

He started to learn how to code a few years ago, experimenting with GameMaker. We had made a game called "Left Behind..." (which I'm sure some of you will have dug up), and we ended up growing after each project, where we currently are. As for Brick Hill's future, I have decided to continue operating the site with the other Leads and staff members. I am sure most of you are aware by now, but Isaiah and Jefemy are working well on the new site, and we have two very active Game Developers working hard to release the new C++ client.

Currently, the shock and grief have swept over all of us, however, with time we can and will grow as a community and a site overall. I am certain that he would want us to continue to look positively on Brick Hill and use what he has made for us. As a small tribute I have decided to rename the iconic hat he wore to "brick-luke's Fedora", and we will continue to develop and operate in his honor. We were both warmed to know that we had provided a home for so many young children and teenagers and that we will continue to make sure this is a place where all users feel welcomed.

I am aware that some of our users will have been close with brick-luke, and so I want you to know that we are all here if you need anything at all. He was a role-model who I respected, and a brother I loved, and he knows we will all miss him deeply.

Thank you all for reading this heartfelt and saddening message,