10,000 Brick Hillians!

Yep, you heard it right; on Wednesday, after a sudden burst in activity, we finally hit 10 thousand users!
And who do we owe it to? The one and only Wizord:

It may have been a late Christmas present, but a good one!

To celebrate, I hosted a quick party server built by Ole and Cloth:

(Image taken by Sport)

The server filled up fast, and I disabled the play limit just so we could all have some fun!

I'd like to personally thank everybody who helped take us this far, and I hope for future just as eventful! It's been a great pleasure watching Brick Hill grow and shape into what it is now.

What else is new?

Well, not only have we hit a huge milestone, we've also added a cool weather feature to the client which allows you to put snow and rain into your game, and here's how it looks:

And we've got some more 10k items to come, more party hats for 2018 and more presents to open.
You might even see some of these come in tonight's stream!


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