Brick Hill Halloween 2021


Brick Hill: Trick or Treat in Cavite Town is here! Knock on doors with your friends throughout Cavite Town to collect candy and unlock new items! Come back each week for new awards and releases, and earn over 25+ items from now until the end of Halloween!

Week 1 Items

Hallowed Bucket of Tasty Treats

  • 250
  • 500
  • 750
  • 1000
  • Also Unlock...

The next bucket of items releases in...

Upcoming Events

Brick Hill Halloween isn't all just about candy; three other events will be taking place over the next three weeks! Look below for more details on what's to come as well as when to expect each event!

Nothing says Halloween more than some spooky pumpkins, and Count Sponkbaber has set you up on a mission, to carve your best pumpkins! Don't worry, you won't really be carving pumpkins - your job is to build the spookiest pumpkin you can and submit it to us by the 27th of October!

A second in-game event arrives soon! When trick-or-treating you somehow find yourself in a daring predicament - you'll have to escape Count Sponkbaber himself in his very own mansion! Stay tuned for details and its release on...

October 20th

Finally, this Halloween features the return of our Annual Halloween live stream with some bigger and better additions! Along with new information, we'll also be opening all the presents released during October, and the winners of the Halloween Building Contest will be revealed! Stay tuned and make sure to watch us on...

October 30th