Brick Hill Pumpkin Carving Contest

Nothing says Halloween more than some spooky pumpkins, and Count Sponkbaber has set you up on a mission, to carve your best pumpkins! Don't worry, you won't really be carving pumpkins - your job is to build the spookiest pumpkin you can and submit it to us by the 27th of October!

What can we build?

You may build anything that has your pumpkin as the center focus of the build, your pumpkin can by any size, color, shape, or any other characteristic you desire, but make sure it's evident that you've created an awesome pumpkin - please do not submit unrelated builds.

What workshops can I use?

For this contest you may use any workshop you own or can gain access to, the three we advise you use can be found below for download or purchase.

Official Brick Hill Workshops

These are workshops Brick Hill has officially developed and promise regular updates and optimizations to.

3rd Party Workshops

These are workshops made by users in the community (BrickBuilder, created by user Ty_) that while we approve for use, we can't promise updates or support for.

Can I work in a team?

You'll have to work alone for this build, so be cautious when sharing your ideas with others. Be aware that others may steal or utilize ideas you make public!

Where do I submit my build?

Once you've finished creating your best pumpkin, you'll need to submit by emailing us at our address with the following included:

  • Attached Picture(s) of your build (can also use image hosting sites such as
  • The .brk file of your build (Make sure to name it something!)
  • Your Username

You may only submit one submission per user, if you submit many submissions only your first will be considered.

What will winners get?

The winners of the contest will be announced on the upcoming annual Brick Hill Halloween stream on October 30th, all winners' builds will be shown off in the new client and all will get an exclusive prize for winning! Those who participate will also receive an item, soon to be revealed!

That's all for information about the Brick Hill Pumpkin Carving Contest! Best of luck, and get creating!


Staff member at Brick Hill.