Brick Hill Pumpkin Carving Contest

Hello Brick Hill users, the Brick Hill Pumpkin Carving Contest had a whole lot of entries, with over 200 different pumpkins being submitted all in varying colors, shapes, and sizes! Thank you to everyone who participated, through our staff team we've picked out 16 winners of what we saw as the best pumpkins, check them out below!

Contest Winners

  • TickMasterUniverse
  • Drewiker
  • tommytherock
  • Domas
  • MixaMega
  • Kulagin25
  • JohnRush07
  • Illusionism
  • TheGribez
  • Vextro
  • yasin
  • Vi.
  • Taco Tuesday
  • rowbot
  • iamatest03
  • Lancia
  • All who won will recieve the prestigious Sinister Pumpkin Crown as a award for their impressive pumpkin carving skills! Congratulations!

    Honorable Mentions

    While we brought our options down to the top 16 best pumpkins, these were some other great pumpkins that, while they didn't win, we just had to show off for their creativity and skills, great work!


    We appreciate all of those who took it upon themselves to create a pumpkin! We loved seeing your pumpkins and with other 200 submissions there was lots of variety and work put into this contest. To thank those that did this we'll also be giving all who participated in the Silly Pumpkin Cap as thanks!

    That's all for the results of the Brick Hill Pumpkin Carving Contest, thank you for participating and we hope you had as much fun making pumpkins as we did getting to check out the great work the Brick Hill community put into them!


    Staff member at Brick Hill.